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Tairn from Fourth Wing, art commissioned by Empyrean Riders

Tairn Dragon is a dragon who bonds Violet Sorrengail in the first book of the Empyrean Series, Fourth Wing.

Name meaning in GaelicThunder
LineDubhmadinn (Black morning in Gaelic)
Original Hatching GroundAbove Riorson House
FamilyMurtcuideam (Murder emphasis in Gaelic)
Fiaclanfuil (Blood teeth in Gaelic)
AgeOver 100, middle aged
OccurrenceThe rarest
HumansViolet Sorrengail (Bonded Rider)
Xaden Riorson (connection via Sgaeyl)
Naolin (Previous Rider)

Physical Appearance

Tairn is a black dragon, massive, who looks like a killing machine.

Tairn’s tail functions like a morningstar. The bludgeoning force of its club-like tail, combined with the lethal spikes, can tear a person apart just as effectively as a dagger-tail. He is considered one of the deadliest dragons in Navarre.

Tairn has an enormous scarred black wing and giant golden eyes. His scales are large and thick and surprisingly warm to the touch. He has long taloned toes and rock hard scales on his underbelly.


Fourth Wing

As a black dragon, Tairn stands out as the most intelligent and discerning among dragons. He is also the rarest and most cunning of his kind. As per Professor Kaori, a renowned dragon expert, Tairn’s cunning is unparalleled. Outsmarting a black dragon like Tairn is simply not possible.

Tairn’s bonds are extremely power, both to human and mate. His last bond with Nolan nearly killed him.

Tairn is described by his rider, Violet, as a char-first-ask-questions-later type of dragon. She refers to him as egotistical.

Iron Flame

Violet refers to Tairn’s voice as low and arrogant.



Him and Sgaeyl have the strongest bond in centuries.


Tairn exhibits a firm demeanor towards Violet. From the onset, he forms a profound bond with her. Unlike other dragons, he goes beyond the call of duty to protect Violet from harm. This is evident not only during battles, but also when she struggles to maintain her seat on his back, and even when she faces a vicious attack in her room.

Tairn expresses pride in Violet when she manages to keep her temper in check. He commends her, affirming that she is ready to channel.

When Violet finally unleashes her power, Tairn roars with pride that she is a lightening wielder.

Honourable mentions

The legendary battle dragon.
The overprotective dad.
The king’s size flying warm bed.
The moving, flying parapet.
The damned meteor.
The killing machine.

Tairn Quotes from Fourth Wing

“One does not live a century without being well aware of the space one takes up.”

Chapter 14,Page 167

“Strength of courage is more important than physical strength”

Chapter 15, Page 174

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  1. Honorable mentions:

    The legendary battle dragon.
    The overprotective dad.
    The king’s size flying warm bed.
    The moving, flying parapet.
    The damned meteor.
    The killing machine.

    1. Alright, adding this to the post. Because damn, Tairn is our killing machine <3

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