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QuadrantRiders Quadrant
DragonTairn (previous)
StatusDead (presumed)
Appears inFourth Wing, Iron Flame

About Naolin

He was bonded to Tairn, who is now bonded to Violet. Naolin has died trying to save Brennan Sorrengail in Tyrrendor.

A new theory emerged, stating that Naolin might not be dead after all and that he has turned venin while trying to save Brennan.

Another theory talks about the possibility that Naolin resurrected Brennan.


“Are my eyes red?” Sloane shakes me, or maybe she’s shaking and
simply holding on to me. “Are they red? I swear I didn’t reach, Violet. I
didn’t take anything from you on purpose! Oh gods, am I turning
“She is as Naolin was,” Tairn says.
“You’re not turning.” I take her hands from my shoulders and stare
into the darkness as footsteps sound, talons clicking along the rock.
“I’m not?”
“Your signet manifested,” I whisper, my eyes straining to see into the
cave opening. “You’re a siphon.”


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