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Brennan Sorrengail

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Brennan Sorrengail Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameBrennan Sorrengail aka Brennan Aisereigh
RankRider, Lieutenant Colonel
FamilyGeneral Lilith Sorrengail (Mother)
Violet Sorrengail (Youngest Sister)
Mira Sorrengail (Younger Sister)
Mr Sorrengail, official name unknown (Father)
StatusBelieved dead by most, but alive in Aretia


Brennan Sorrengail is the older brother of the protagonist, Violet Sorrengail, and their sister, Mira Sorrengail. He is also the son of General Lilith Sorrengail.

Brennan is a rider, and his signet power is the rare and exceptional ability of a mender. According to battle reports, Brennan was killed by an arrow shot by Fen Riorson, Xaden Riorson’s father, during the Battle of Aretia, which was part of Tyrrendor’s attempt at secession.

One of his peers, Naolin, who was previously bonded with Tairn (now Violet’s dragon), attempted to use his signet power of siphoning to save and resurrect Brennan. According to official records, this attempt was unsuccessful. However, we learn at the end of Fourth Wing that Brennan is very much alive and living in secret in Aretia, the capital of the Tyrrendor Province. He uses his signet ability of mending to save Violet from dying after she is poisoned by a green substance from a venin during the attack on Athebyne.

Brennan is kind and loves his siblings. He created the “Book of Brennan,” which he gave to Mira. This book, full of tips and tricks on how to survive in the Riders Quadrant, eventually gets passed down to Violet and proves to be vital for her survival.

Physical Appearance

Brownish red curls cropped close to his skull. He has a dimple flashing in his cheek when he grins. There is no lingering softness in the angles of his face and there are tiny lines at the edges of his eyes.

His nose is akin to his father’s.

What We Know So Far

Brennan Sorrengail is a significant character in the Empyrean Series. Not much is known about him during Fourth Wing, except for the fact that we are led to believe Brennan is dead for the majority of the book. In the final chapter, we learn this is not true, as he is living in secret in Aretia and has a close kinship with Xaden Riorson.

Violet mentions that her mother merely tolerates her, respects Mira, but truly loved Brennan. She also mentions that their father’s chest pain started after Brennan’s death, which eventually led to his untimely heart failure.

During the celebration of Reunification Day, Violet tells Liam that Brennan would hate all the festivities. He is more about getting the work done than celebrating its completion. To which Liam nearly says, “Yeah, sounds like…” but they get interrupted. It’s clear from this that Brennan has a close relationship with some of the marked ones.


Brennan is a brilliant strategist. He is known for his kindness and his love for his siblings. His strategic mind is evident in the creation of the “Book of Brennan,” a survival guide for the Riders Quadrant. Despite his supposed death, his influence and legacy continue to play a significant role in the lives of his siblings and peers.

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5 responses to “Brennan Sorrengail”

  1. I thought it was strange that Violet inferred that Brennan was sacrificed by their mother in Chapter 36, but I’m not sure how she made this assumption. Any thoughts?

    1. I understand your point. I believe what she’s implying is that Lilith was aware of the venin presence. Despite this knowledge, she sent Brennan into combat, knowing he’d face more than just gryphons and their riders. To Violet, it seems as though Lilith risked her own child’s life to maintain silence.

  2. I don’t recall Brennan’s dragon’s name being mentioned in the book and I didn’t see it here.
    Is it never mentioned in Fourth Wing?

    1. I don’t think it’s mentioned. But the dragon is def alive and well since Brennan is too, and he still has his signet ability.

  3. Cory I think you’re spot on with Brennan’s dragon still being alive if he is still able to heal…which might point to why fewer dragons are “willing” to pair each year. The theory that’s floating around in my head is that if more and more riders and their dragons (whoevers the one making the decision ;)) are defecting and serving in the “revolution,” then it would affect the typical numbers of each riding class, causing smaller graduating classes…

    Just a thought!

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