Venin / Dark Wielders in the Barrens with purple robes and a staff


The term Venin or Dark Wielders is often associated with folklore and myth. However, as the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that these creatures are as real as the dragons and gryphons that inhabit the world. Venin or Dark Wielders are unique in their ability to draw power from the ground, a stark contrast to the traditional bond between a dragon or gryphon and their rider. This divergence in power source has profound implications, leading to a loss of soul and a corruption of blood. The Fables of the Barren, a collection of ancient and now forbidden tales, suggest that Venins are responsible for the creation of wyverns, a formidable species designed to rival dragons.

Venin CharactersBook in the Series
Jack BarloweIron Flame
Xaden RiorsonIron Flame

Types of dark wielders: ranks

According to a compendium by Captain Drake Cordella: Defeating a dark wielder begins with knowing where they rank in age and experience.

Types of dark wieldersAttributes
InitiatesReddish rings to their eyes that come and go depending on how often they drain
AsimsEyes fluctuate in degrees of red, and their veins distend when riled
SagesThose responsible for initiates-eyes are permanently red, their veins perpetually distended toward their temples, expanding with age
MavensTheir generals-have never been captured for examination.

Physical Appearance

The physical manifestation of a Venin is as haunting as their lore. Their faces are gaunt, marked by sharp cheekbones and thin lips. Their eyes, a striking bright red, are surrounded by distended red veins that spider across their skin, creating a chilling and unforgettable visage. Their hands, gnarled by the power they wield, are a testament to their unnatural existence. They are often seen wearing purple robes, a colour traditionally associated with power, ambition, and mystery.


According to Captain Lera Dorrell’s guide to vanquishing the venin: “It is somewhat fitting that the only weapon capable of killing a dark wielder is the same thing that drove them to soullessness…power.”

Venin are formidable adversaries, but their power has its limitations. Upon crossing into Navarre, they become powerless due to the wards that make all other magic but their own impossible. These wards, a protective magical barrier, are designed to neutralize the threat posed by Venin and other magical entities. The material used to power these wards is the only known substance capable of killing a Venin, making it a crucial element in the defence against these creatures.

In both Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, Violet’s signet, pure power in the form of lightening is capable of killing the dark wielders as well as their wyvern. In Iron Flame, Andarna’s fire can also kill dark wielders.

Despite their formidable abilities, their weakness provides a glimmer of hope for those who stand against them.


Brennan mentions that something killed venin 600 years ago during the Great War and they are actively searching for that weapon.

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  1. I think Naolin, Tairn’s previous rider, became a Venin and they were forced to kill him. Then they lied about Brennan and started the 2nd revolution 🙂


    How does Jack Barlowe and Xaden stay in Navarre if the wards work again? And how did each of them become venin?

    1. The wards don’t kill them. They just cannot use their magic any more within them.

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