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The Fables of the Barren

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“The Fables of the Barren” is a proscribed tome that narrates grim folklore tales of venin and wyvern, creatures considered to be mythical. Violet Sorrengail possesses a copy of this book, a gift from her father, Mr Sorrengail.

Given that no other copy exists in The Archives at the Scribes Quadrant, Violet swiftly discerns that this is not just an ordinary book, but a forbidden tome.

About the Fables of the Barren

The fables recount tales of an expansive ancient kingdom, stretching from one ocean to another, and a monumental war sparked by three brothers vying for control over the kingdom’s magic. Some fables narrate the stories of the first riders who formed bonds with dragons, cautioning that these bonds could backfire if the riders attempted to harness excessive power. Others speak of a pervasive evil that swept across the kingdom when humans were corrupted by dark magic, transforming into venomous creatures known as venin who bred winged beasts called wyvern. Another fable warns about the perils of drawing power from the earth rather than the skies.

Chapters from The Fables of the Barren

For there, in the land beyond the shadows, were monsters that dwelled in the night and dined on the souls of children who wandered too close to the woods. – “THE WYVERN’S CRY”

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3 responses to “The Fables of the Barren”

  1. I am stuck on this theory that there are parts of the creation fables that are missing, and it’s central to the next step in the plot line. There were 3 brothers, one who bonded a dragon, one who bonded a gryphon, and one who didn’t bond and became evil (by drawing from the earth. But somewhere near the end of Fourth Wing there is mention of drawing power from the skies. I think Liam says it during the fight with the venin?

    My question is, how did he know about the creation myth, and is his version different than what the unmarked children have learned. Which rider was the one to draw power from the skies to defeat the venin? There is a lot of foreshadowing that Violet will be the one to harness the skies and defeat the venin once and for all. However, her mother also draws power from the skies. Do they all? Where do their channelled powers come from? Sky or earth?

    1. It’s a tricky one. I think venin do draw power from the Earth and devoid it of all magic and other riches. But I too am unsure about the power of the skies. It might be that Andarna always talks about the balance right? So the ones who can draw power from the skies, like Vi, like Vi’s mother, can somehow defeat venin?

    2. Also for sure there are parts missing…I think we are only just beginning to understand what venin is etc. I think Iron Flame will open up that world for us properly.

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