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Violet Sorrengail, character from Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameViolet Sorrengail
NicknameViolence (by Xaden)
Silver One (by Tairn)
RankRider, Second Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Age20 years old
(DOB: July – DOD: n/a)
Place of BirthBasgiath, Morraine Province, Navarre
FamilyGeneral Lilith Sorrengail (Mother)
Mira Sorrengail (Older Sister)
Brennan Sorrengail (Older brother)
Mr Sorrengail, official name unknown (Father)
RelationshipsXaden Riorson (Lover)
Rhiannon Matthias (Friend)
Dain Aetos (Childhood Friend)
Jesinia (Friend)
Ridoc (Friend)
Sawyer (Friend)
Liam Mairi (Friend)
DragonsTairneanach (Tairn) – bonded
Andarnaurram ( Andarna) – bonded
Sgaeyl – linked via Tairn
SignetLightning Wielder (via Tairn)
Time manipulation (via Andarna) (Fourth Wing timeline only)
WeaknessUnusually flexible joints and skin that stretches and breaks easily (similar to modern day Ehlers-Danlos syndrome)
Her second weakness are the people she loves.
LanguagesCommon Language (Navarrian)
Old Lucerish
Image GalleryViolet Sorrengail Gallery


Violet’s father was a scribe in Basgiath, the capital of Navarre. Her mother was the commanding general. Violet’s older sister was named Mira Sorrengail, a rider and a shield extender Wielder. Her older brother was named Brennan, also a rider and a meander.

Violet grew up alongside one of her best friends, Dain Aetos whom she knew since they were 5 and 6 years old.

When Violet was a child, her father would train her to be a scribe and to eventually enter the Scribe Quadrant at Basgiath War Collage. He would tell her fables and stories from a forbidden tome called The Fables of the Barren, depicting venin and wyvern, believed to be just mythical creatures.

Violet was close to her father and shared his appreciation for books. Violet’s father died of a heart disease a year before her official admission to the Basgiath War College. After her father’s death, Violet’s mother decides that Violet should enrol in the Rider’s Quadrant at the Basgiath War College, despite protests from Violent’s sister Mira.

Physical Description

Fourth Wing

Violet has long brown hair with metallic silver ends, which she normally wears as a crown braid. She has pale skin, pale eyes and pale hair.

She has light hazel eyes of varying blues and ambers.

Her foot size is a US 7.

Violet has a petite structure and often described as fragile due to her chronic illness. Because of her illness, she is freakishly flexible. Before the Gauntlet, Violet herself says she is too short.

Later in the book, she develops more muscle mass thanks to intensive weights training.

Following the Threshing, her dragons present her with a radiant black relic depicting a dragon in mid-flight, stretching from one shoulder to the other. At the centre of this relic is the silhouette of a shimmering golden dragon.

Iron Flame

In Iron Flame, Violet has a new three-inch scar on her abdomen, acquired after being attacked by venin with a poisonous blade.


Violet is a Lightning Wielder (via Tairn). She can briefly stop time thanks to Andarna’s special gift as a feathertail.


In the first book, Fourth Wing, Violet learns that she can briefly stop time thanks to her connection with her dragon Andarna.

She later learns that, thanks to her connection with Tairn she is a lightening wielder. She is fast and agile. Furthermore, she is lightning fast. What she lacks in strength, she makes up for in speed as she did score in the top quarter for speed and agility.

Throughout her time in the Riders Quadrant, Violet does everything she can to outsmart other cadets. As she is weaker than her competitors in the sparring class, she decided to volunteer for breakfast duty to poison her mat opponents, thus gaining an advance.

Professor Markham referred to Violet as a star pupil, and she was supposed to be his crowning achievement before his retirement.

Professor Kaori tells Violet that she is smarter than both her siblings.

Violet is wicked fast as described by her friend Rhiannon. Although she is too short for the Gauntlet, Violet is smart, so she finds a loophole in the Codex that helps her overcome the obstacle.


Violet describes herself as a scholar. Mira Sorrengail describes Violet as the smartest woman she knows. Violet is often described as the most intelligent in her year, honourable and cunning.

Violet is kind and compassionate, as she never wishes to kill an opponent. She takes all precautions to not go for fatal wounds or fatal doses of poisons.

Her kindness becomes particularly apparent during the Threshing. Instead of continuing her search for dragons to bond with, she chooses to warn and protect Andarna from Jack Barlowe, Oren Seifert, and Tynan.

Her merciful and humane nature shines through when she declines to kill Oren at the Threshing, even though he lies unconscious and despite Tairn’s suggestion.

Violet is incredibly resilient as she tries to conquer the Gauntlet challenges, despite being injured and in a lot of pain.

During the Presentation, Violet’s perceptiveness shines through when she instantly picks up on Rhiannon’s nervousness. In an effort to soothe her, Violet steers the conversation towards a topic that is familiar and comforting to Rhiannon.

Violet is considerate towards others, but especially towards her friends. At Presentation, after interacting with the two green dragons, she leaves a large gap between her and Rhiannon to protect her friend in case the dragons decide to scorch Violet.

Violet’s loyalty is unwavering. During her first real confrontation with Dain, right after the Threshing, she firmly asserts to everyone that she won’t be forced to choose between her dragons.

Tairn calls Violet worthy when she doubts herself. He also calls her stubborn.

Violet experiences intense distress after killing Jack Barlowe, viewing her power as a tool for mass destruction rather than a means of protection, unlike her siblings Mira and Brennan. Her dragons, Tairn and Andarna, attempt to console her, reassuring her that her actions were justified in defending her friend and eliminating a threat.


Violet has unusually flexible and weak joints and that stretches and breaks easily. She is often in a lot of pain. Because of her petite frame, unusual build and weak joints, she cannot hold her seat on her dragon without the aid of a saddle.

Violet struggles with self-doubt when she is unable to manifest her signet, unlike her classmates. This inability further fuels her insecurities and makes her question her own capabilities.

In Iron Flame, we find out that Major Varrish sees Violet’s weakness as the people who she loves.


Violet brings into the Basgiath War College a tight-fitting black shirt, a pair of leather trousers and a pair of rubber-bottomed rider boots Mira gave her before crossing the deadly parapet. She also wears a special vest style corset made from Mira’s dragon’s scale, Teine. Her corset is meant to protect her from sharp objects.

In her heavy canvas rucksack, she brings with her a book of poisons.

Violet brings four daggers with her in the sheaths sewn diagonally. She later earns more daggers from sparring against others. She receives a secret journal from Mira called The Book of Brennan which is Brennan’s journal to help her through the competitions and give her words of wisdom.

After meeting with her sister, Violet receives the book of dark fables called The Fables of the Barren, given to her by her father, known as a forbidden tome in the kingdom.

She later disarms Xaden as per the college regulations in order to acquire a set of beautiful daggers made especially to fit her smaller hands. These daggers are beautiful, with a solid black hilt, engraves with Tyrrish knots, old, mythical runes of intricate swirls and ties.

Upon arriving at Athebyne, Violet receives two alloy-infused daggers.


Xaden Riorson

Fourth Wing

The moment Violet first sees Xaden Riorson, on her initial day at college before crossing the parapet, she feels an immediate physical attraction towards him. Despite her attraction, she knows Xaden wants to kill her, as she’s been informed by her sister Mira Sorrengail just minutes prior. This belief stems from the fact that her mother, Lilith Sorrengail, was a part of the military leadership that oversaw the execution of Xaden’s father, Fen Riorson, for leading the Tyrrish rebellion.

Violet’s attraction for Xaden only intensifies every moment she has the chance to look at him. It’s evident that her feelings are conflicted as she sees him as toxic, lethal, and someone who wants to kill her.

“I hate how beautiful he is, how lethal his abilities make him as he strides toward me, shadows curling around his footsteps. He’s like one of those poisonous flowers I’ve read about from the Cygnis forest to the east. His allure a warning not to get too close, and I am definitely too close.”

QuoteViolet Sorrengail, Chapter 7, Page 86

Before the Gauntlet, she has a conversion with Xaden where she tells him that she feels hopeless. Despite his harsh words, he tries to stir Violet in the right direction and make her find a solution to overtake any obstacles ahead. It’s the first time she swears she feels his shadow caress along the side of her wounded cheek.

Right after Threshing Violet learns that her dragon, Tairn is mated with Sgaeyl, Xaden’s navy-blue dragon. She realises that from that moment onwards their lives are intertwined forever, as mated dragons cannot be separated for too long. She admits defeat to her undeniable attraction towards Xaden.

Following the Threshing, the relationship between Violet and Xaden undergoes a significant change. Given that their lives are now intertwined, Xaden pledges to ensure Violet’s safety, as her demise could potentially lead to his own. With the assurance that Xaden poses no physical threat, Violet allows herself to yield more to the attraction she feels towards him.

She admits to herself that he is a lethal killer, and yet she can’t stop fantasising about him. She’s anything but immune to Xaden’s smile.

The first night Tairn decides to start channelling his power towards Violet, she ventures out into the night to cool off. She finds Xaden and they share an unexpected kiss. This sets a whole chain of reactions for Violet, making her fall for him. However, after the kiss, they don’t discuss it for over a month.

When Xaden realises Violet is a lightning wielder, he tells her she is the weapon, and she has the power to protect an entire kingdom.

Violet realises she is in love with Xaden without a shadow of doubt on July 1st, when she seeks him during the celebration of Reunification Day. On the same night, she realises the only thing that scares her about Xaden is her magnitude of feelings towards him. Later that night, she tells him she loves him.Violet refers to Xaden as a very dangerous addiction.

Violet and Xaden have a significant argument when Violet discovers that he has been withholding information from her. She learns about the existence of venin and wyvern while at Athebyne, a fact that Xaden had kept hidden. This revelation deeply wounds her. Although she believes his explanations, she declares that she will never trust him again.

Iron Flame

Violet requests complete honesty from Xaden to ensure their relationship succeeds. Xaden agrees to be transparent, but Violet is dissatisfied, urging him to be more forthcoming.

Despite her deep affection for Xaden, Violet finds it challenging to adapt to the new dynamics of their relationship, striving to control her emotions.

Geographically separated, Violet and Xaden, who is a newly appointed lieutenant stationed at Samara, manage to see each other every two weeks due to a special leave arrangement linked to their dragons’ mating bond.

Violet withholds intimacy from Xaden, insisting on a relationship grounded in total honesty. In a briefing, Professor Devera subtly informs Violet about a rider’s injury, implying it’s Xaden. Worried, Violet rushes to Samara and finds Xaden, who has just recovered from an injury. They resume their intimate relationship.

When Violet is captured, Xaden devises a strategy to move all leaders to the borders, keeping the secrets of venin and wyvern contained. He sends a strong message about his determination, particularly in safeguarding Violet, and then rescues her.

Violet discovers Xaden’s past engagement to Catriona, which troubles her. However, Xaden clarifies that his relationship with Catriona wasn’t serious, and he never loved her.

Xaden and Violet begin a relationship based on honesty, where Xaden reveals a dangerous secret about possessing a second signet, which could be fatal if discovered.

To save Violet from a looming threat, Xaden makes a sacrificial choice, putting his soul at risk to protect her.


Violet has a strong connection with her black dragon Tairn. Despite being firm towards Violent, he is kind toward her. He does everything within his power to proitect her from harm, even though when their bond is new.

Tairn acknowledges Violet as the most intelligent and cunning of her year. He commends her for fiercely defending the smallest among them, asserting that this display of courage holds greater importance than physical strength.

When Violet realises that Tairn has betrayed her by keeping venin and wyvern a secret, she is devastated. That puts a temporary strain on their relationship. He is overwhelmed with guilt and passes this emotion to Violet, while he apologises his error in his judgement.


From the moment Violet lays eyes on Andarna, she feels a strong affinity for her. This protective instinct is evident during the Threshing, where Violet defends her fiercely. Andarna forms a bond with Violet, a connection they share alongside Tairn.

Violet has a maternal instinct towards Andarna. She would do anything to look after her, make sure she is fine and even alleviate her anxiety.

Dain Aetos

Violet and Dain Aetos have a shared history, having known each other since they were five and six years old. After a year apart, their reunion at the Basgiath War College, where Dain is now a rider, is marked by familiarity and warmth. Dain is consistently concerned for Violet’s safety and makes efforts to move her from the Riders Quadrant to the safer Scribe Quadrant.

Their first encounter within the confines of the Rider Quadrant, after Violet had crossed the parapet, is filled with a tangible sense of anticipation.

Dairn and Violet share a secret birdcalling code, a unique form of communication they have utilized since their childhood.

Violet feels a pull towards Dain, but it seems more rooted in their shared past and the comfort of familiarity than in a powerful romantic attraction.

It’s after the Threshing that she experiences a surge of anger towards Dain for the first time, leading her to consider cutting ties with him. In a fiery confrontation between Dain and Xaden, Dain admits that despite his feelings for Violet, he would never compromise the rules to save her. At that moment, Violet comes to the realization that Dain places a higher value on rules and order than on relationships. This revelation causes her to lose some of her respect for Dain.

After receiving her dragon relic, Dain kisses her. However, Violet’s response to the kiss is not what she anticipated. Despite having yearned for this kiss for years, once it happens, she feels devoid of emotion and resolutely decides that she no longer desires it. Seeing Dain again stirs up a whirlwind of awkward and conflicting emotions within her. She acknowledges that Dain is handsome, kind, honourable, and her best friend. Yet, despite all these qualities, she comes to the realization that there is no chemistry between them. When Dain admits that the kiss was a mistake, he emphasizes that it’s due to the rules, pointing out that it’s inappropriate to have a relationship with someone higher up in the chain of command. Despite this, he expresses hope that they might pursue something together in the future, perhaps after her graduation. Violet gets upset when she realises that for Dain it’s all about rules and politics.

The final strain on their relationship occurs when Dain subtly accuses Violet of lying in relation to Amber Mavis. He attempts to read her mind without her consent, to which Violet responds by reproaching him for his inflexible adherence to rules, to the point where he feels no need to bend or break them. Violet tells him that they will never be anything more than friends.

Violet tells her sister, Mira, that her relationship with Dain is different because she needed to change, and he wouldn’t let her.

When Dain finds out that she has a relationship with Xaden, he tells her he will miss her, as she flies with Xaden towards Athebyne, during War Games.

Rhiannon Matthias

Violet encounters Rhiannon for the first time before crossing the parapet. Noticing Rhiannon’s equestrian boots with smooth soles, Violet decides to trade one of her rider boots with her.

Rhiannon later acknowledges that Violet’s kind gesture saved her life, stating that she would have slipped and fallen to her death on the parapet at least three times if not for the traded boot. From their first day, they are placed in the same section and quickly become close friends.

She can feel when Rhiannon is nervous during Presentation and does her very best to help her relax in front of the dragons. She feels bad when she needs to keep secrets from her, and she tells her that she wants to protect her from becoming an accomplice.

Violet trusts Rhiannon with her personal life details, too. She tells her how she felt nothing when Dain kissed her, and she tells about her first kiss with Xaden.


Violet’s relationship with Imogen is complicated. It starts with their heated fight where Imogen attempts to kill Violet in cold blood, only saved by her special dragon vest.

After Threshing, Imogen starts getting closer to Violet in order to train her to become stronger. She doesn’t trust Imogen, and she is jealous of her as she has the impression that Imogen and Xaden are lovers and have a more intimate relationship than they let on.

Tairn tells Violet to trust Imogen.

Mr Sorrengail

Violet had a great relationship with her father. He taught her and trained her how to become a Scribe just like himself. He always gives her kind and sympathetic advice.

In her dreams, Violet recalls how her father used to urge her to always fact-check every source when reading a book. He tells her that first-hand accounts are always more accurate, but she needs to look deeper and find out who is telling the story.

Mr Sorrengail left a letter for Violet hidden in the Fables of the Barren. It was a cryptic message which reminded Violet that her father became more reclusive in his last years of life.

Lilith Sorrengail

Violet has a complicated relationship with her mother. She makes a point that her mother is military cold around her. She is upset that her own mother pushed her to enrol in the Riders Quadrant, despite the fact that her father trained her to be a Scribe.

Violet’s mother hates it when Violet is average and this sort of relationship puts a strain on Violet, creating doubt in her abilities. Violet admits that she wishes she were composed and compartmentalised as her mother, and yet she describes herself as her father’s daughter.

According to Violet, her mother spent a whole year ignoring her after her dad died. She mentions how her mother barely tolerates her existence because she is not as perfect as her brother or a warrior like Mira.

Mira Sorrengail

Violet has a close relationship with her sister Mira. She loved her dearly and thinks highly of Mira. Mira helped Violet on multiple occasions, and she considers her to be a badass for bonding two dragons.

Mira helped Violet before Parapet by offering her a set of leathers to help her cross with ease. She also made a special protective corset using her dragon’s Teine scales to keep Violet safe while in the Riders Quadrant

Liam Mairi

When Liam is tasked with protecting Violet at all costs, she initially rebuffs him. However, Violet soon recognizes his immense helpfulness, gallantry, and pleasant nature. They engage in conversations, and Liam kindly answers Violet’s inquiries about his past and the difficulties he faced growing up without his family. A friendship blossoms between Violet and Liam. Violet goes to great lengths to save Liam’s life using Andarna’s gift, even though it drains her dragon of a significant amount of energy.

Before the Battle of Athebyne, Violet tells Liam that he is amazing.

Violet’s feelings towards Liam take a turn when she discovers he’s been withholding secrets. Despite this, she attempts to save his life once again. His death deeply affects her.

Violet Name Etymology

Middle English: from Old French violette, diminutive of viole, from Latin viola ‘violet’.

Violet is an English name of Latin origin that means “purple.” It is derived from the Latin word “viola,” which also means purple. Violet is commonly used as a girl’s name. It represents the beauty, grace, and power of nature, particularly the violet flower and the color purple. The name has a traditional background but has gained popularity in recent years. It can be pronounced as “vai-uh-let” or “vai-luht.”

Violet Quotes Fourth Wing

“He’s the most exquisite man I’ve ever seen.”

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 1, Page 18

“He’s the most exquisite man I’ve ever seen.”

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 1, Page 18

“I hate how beautiful he is, how lethal his abilities make him as he strides toward me, shadows curling around his footsteps. He’s like one of those poisonous flowers I’ve read about from the Cygnis forest to the east. His allure a warning not to get too close, and I am definitely too close.”

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 7, Page 86

Beautiful. Fucking. Asshole.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 9, Page 109

You are not attracted to toxic men, I remind myself, and yet, here I am, getting all attracted.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 9, Page 109

Toxic. Dangerous. Wants to kill you. Nope, doesn’t matter. My pulse still skitters like a teenager.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 9, Page 109

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FAQ about Violet Sorrengail

Why did Tairn bond with Violet?

Tairn bonded with Violet specifically because he recognized her unique qualities and potential. He perceived her as not only intelligent, kind, and honorable, but also as someone who possesses both the mind of a scribe and the heart of a rider. This combination made Violet stand out as an exceptional individual worthy of bonding with a dragon. Tairn’s decision was based on a deep understanding of Violet’s character and abilities, suggesting that he valued these intrinsic qualities in a rider, beyond the conventional criteria or expectations. This recognition of Violet’s distinct blend of traits—her intellect, empathy, honor, and the dual spirit of a scribe and rider—was key to Tairn’s decision to bond with her, highlighting a profound connection based on mutual respect and recognition of inner qualities.

What is Violet’s signet in Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing, Violet Sorrengail is a lightening wielder through her powerful black dragon, Tairn. Lightening wielders are extremely powerful.

Who is the mother of Violet Sorrengail’s?

Lilith Sorrengail is Violet Sorrengail’s mother.

What are the theories about Violet’s second signet?

There are several theories about Violet Sorrengail’s second signet and I wrote about them all in this article. Currently, we believe Violet Sorrengail has the ability to have a very strong shield and protect others or see through other people’s eyes.

How old is Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing

Violet Sorrengail is 20 years old in the Fourth Wing. This is the age of conscription for Basgiath War College in Navarre.

How old is Violet Sorrengail in Iron Flame

Violet Sorrengail is 21 years old in Iron Flame. She is year 2 in Basgiath War College.

Is Violets signet rare?

Yes, Violet’s signet is very rare. There haven’t been many lightening wielders in history, with the last born a century before her. There is barely information about them in archives and signet books. Violet is indeed exceptionally powerful.

Why does Violet bond two dragons?

Violet ends up bonding with two dragons, Tairn and Andarna because she’s exceptional. This doesn’t usually happen, but Violet is not your average character. She’s smart, kind, brave, and has a rare mix of qualities that make both dragons feel connected to her. Each dragon sees something unique in Violet that makes them choose her as their rider, which is unheard of.
This situation isn’t just about Violet needing protection or help from the dragons. It’s more about the deep connection and respect they share. Tairn and Andarna bonding with Violet shakes things up in their world, challenging the usual rules about how dragons and humans team up.
So, Violet’s situation with the two dragons highlights how extraordinary she is and also brings a fresh twist to the story, showing that sometimes breaking the rules can lead to something amazing.

Why is Violet so fragile in Fourth Wing?

Violet is fragile because she has the equivalent of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a chronic condition that affects bones and connective tissues. The author herself, Rebecca Yarros and her children have this disease, so she wanted to create a protagonist with a chronic illness.

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