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Fourth Wing Quotes

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Welcome to my page dedicated to all the best quotes from the Fourth Wing in the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. Here, you’ll find all the greatest quotes that make this book so wonderful.

The Fourth Wing has given us some great moments, and we’ve captured them in quotes for you to enjoy. I’ve included the character, the chapter and the page from which I got the quotes so it’s easier for you to find them if you want to also underline them in your book.

Whether you’re looking for a specific quote or just want to revisit the world of Empyrean, you’re in the right place. Enjoy browsing through these Fourth Wing quotes and feel free to share them with other fans.

“Don’t die, Violet. I’d hate to be an only child.”

Mira Sorrengail, Chapter 1, Page 15

“He’s the most exquisite man I’ve ever seen.”

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 1, Page 18

“A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead.”

Chapter 3, Page 43

“This place […] cuts away the bullshit and the niceties, revealing whoever you are at your core.”

Dain Aetos, Chapter 4, Page 52

“You look all frail and breakable, but you’re really a violent little thing, aren’t you?”

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 7, Page 85

“I hate how beautiful he is, how lethal his abilities make him as he strides toward me, shadows curling around his footsteps. He’s like one of those poisonous flowers I’ve read about from the Cygnis forest to the east. His allure a warning not to get too close, and I am definitely too close.”

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 7, Page 86

Beautiful. Fucking. Asshole.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 9, Page 109

You are not attracted to toxic men, I remind myself, and yet, here I am, getting all attracted.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 9, Page 109

Toxic. Dangerous. Wants to kill you. Nope, doesn’t matter. My pulse still skitters like a teenager.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 9, Page 109

“Defenseless women have never been my type.”

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 9, Page 110

Killing you wouldn’t be any trouble, Violence. It’s leaving you alive that seems to cause the majority of my trouble”

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 10, Page 129

“Hope is a fickle, dangerous thing. It steals your focus and aims it towards the possibilities instead of keeping it where it belongs -on the probabilities.”

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 10, Page 130

“Every day I let you live, I get to convince myself that there’s still a part of me that’s a decent person.”

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 10, Page 131

“The right way isn’t the only way.”

Xaden Riorson, chapter 10, Page 131

“One does not live a century without being well aware of the space one takes up.”

Tairn, Chapter 14,Page 167

“Strength of courage is more important than physical strength”

Tairn, Chapter 15, Page 174

“So. Freaking. Beautiful.”

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 17, Page 199

“I’d have to be a masochist to sleep with you, and I can assure I’m not.”
Fantasising about it doesn’t count.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 19, Page 229

“Nature likes all things in balance.”

Andarna, Chapter 19, Page 233

Even the most effective poisons come in pretty packages, and Xaden’s exactly that – as beautiful as he is lethal.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 20, Page 240

Lust and logic never seem to go hand in hand.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 20, Page 242

He only tolerates my existence because our dragons are mated, and here I am salivating over his half-naked body.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 22, Page 267

Is it absolutely toxic that I’m attracted to this look on him? Probably. But one look, and my temperature rises.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 24, Page 298

Blades aren’t the only way to disarm an opponent. Tell me, Violence, are you disarmed?

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 24, Page 301

You never considered that it was you I couldn’t stay away from?

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 27, Page 337

F*ck, That stubborn, feisty look always makes me want to kiss you.

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 28, Page 355

I am the sky and the power of every storm that has ever been. I am infinite.

Violet Sorrengail, Chapter 28, Page 362

There’s nowhere in existence you could go that I wouldn’t find you, Violence.

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 30, Page 386

There’s only you, Violence. Is that what you needed to hear?

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 32, Page 411

Even when I’m not with you, there’s only you.

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 32, Page 411

I don’t deserve you. But I’m going to keep you all the same.

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 32, Page 416

I’m going to keep you. You’re mine, Violet.

Only if you’re mine.

I’ve been yours for longer than you could ever imagine.

Violet & Xaden, Chapter 24, Page 436

We will feast on their bones, Silver One.

Tairn, Chapter 36, Page 455

You gave me your heart, and I’m keeping it.

Xaden Riorson, Chapter 39, Page 498

I fucking love your hair. If you ever want to bring me to my knees or win an argument, just let it down. I’ll get the point.

Xaden Riorson

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