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Mira Sorrengail

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Mira Sorrengail, Fourth Wing, Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros

Mira Sorrengail, Fourth Wing, Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros.

NameMira Sorrengail
RankLieutenant (Fourth Wing)
Captain (Iron Flame)
Place of birthBasgiath, Morraine Province, Navarre
FamilyGeneral Lilith Sorrengail (Mother)
Violet Sorrengail (Younger Sister)
Brennan Sorrengail (Older brother)
Mr Sorrengail, official name unknown (Father)
SignetShield Extender Wielder
StationedMontserrat, Morraine Province, Navarre

Physical Description

Mira is tall and strong with powerful muscles. According to Violet, she has beautiful skin which radiates with health.

She has a golden-brown hair sheared short. Before her sister entered the Riders Quadrant, Mira had one single scar, the one her dragon gave her at Threshing. After being stationed at Montserrat, Mira acquired a new scar that stretches from earlobe to her collarbone.


Mira is a character of many facets – shrewd and cunning, with a streak of cruelty, yet also kind and considerate. Her natural talent as a rider is undeniable. Despite her tough exterior, she shows a softer side, especially when it comes to her sister. This is also evident from when she helps Violet and her friend, Rhiannon Matthias, sneak out of the Montserrat outpost for a brief visit to Rhiannon’s sister and nephew. This act of kindness reveals a depth to her character that goes beyond her formidable riding skills.


Mira is a walking shield. She has the ability to extend shields.


Violet Sorrengail

Mira loves her sister Violet very much. She worried about her when she is about to cross the Parapet. She tries to convince their mother, General Sorrengail to allow Violet to enter the Scribes Quadrant as originally agreed. Furthermore, she gives Violet rider leathers and created a special protective corset made from Teine’s scales.

She keeps Violet’s book, The Fables of the Barren, and gives it back to her when they reunite at Montserrat. Mira is worries about Violet due to her proximity to Xaden Riorson. She warns Violet against Xaden saying that he has secrets and has reasons to never forgive their mother.

Mira thinks Violet a badass after bonding not one but two dragons.

Brennan Sorrengail

Her relationship with her brother is strained after the discovery that he is still alive. She punches him in the nose, then argues with him repeatedly.

Lilith Sorrengail

After realising that her own mother lied to her for years, Mira develops a strained relationship with her mother. She is not hesitant to speak back, argue and be vocal about her disappointment. In Iron Flame, she even threatens her own mother so her and her sister are being let see the wardstone.

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2 responses to “Mira Sorrengail”

  1. I love Mira the most!

    Thank you for this great website 🙂 I only have one criticism and its only because I really want to see Mira in a light I believe she is not let shine in the real world. She is described as a strong warrior, so the picture is absolutely wrong at the top of this page, sorry…

    Actually I believe it’s the American way to see almost all female stars as something slight and pretty. Often with so much cosmetic surgery and dieting to make them look even more unrealistic like that with too tiny noses and sunken cheeks and skinny arms. But the only Rider in the book slight and pretty in a tiny way is Violet! (Her friends from other Quadrants like Scribes could be beautiful in that way though.)

    Especially Mira would look large for a woman, muscled and strong, perhaps even manly in a sense, because of short hair and all that training and fighting in a war. (And she really would’t be the kind of person to bother with makeup or hair that would take any time to do in the morning even if there wasn’t a war.) She certainly would not be underweight with a tiny Barbie neck, because she needs the musclemass to fight with a longsword, which is a really really heavy weapon to use. Pictures of most Riders should resemble more like athletes, not models. Variation from only the way in which they choose their favorite weapons according to bodytype.

    I also love that this strong bodytype is admired also in women in the books. I really hope that they give Mira an actor who would be like that, so that I can have that rare moment when there is someone for me for a moviescreen crush <3

    The books have a wonderful way of bringing all kinds of people of color and identities to light. So much so, that the actors chosen should honor also in their physical variation the authors view, I hope. Books like this are not only fun and sexy to read, they are also important to those too that can’t find themselves or their desires in most books at all.

    1. Hi Jane, I hear you! Loud and clear. I will try to create a new Mira, stronger and indeed mightier so to speak. I appreciate that in this picture you can’t see her full body, but she is a lean muscle machine. I imagine her being tall, and just full of lean muscle, given that she’s always flying and fighting.

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