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Ending of Iron Flame explained

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Iron Flame ending explained - Why did Xaden turn venin

If you haven’t finished Iron Flame, please go and read it first, as this article will contain plenty of spoilers.

You just finished Iron Flame and you are probably super confused. I know the feeling. I felt he same way so I went back and read the book again, and again, to really understand what is going on. The burning question is why did Xaden turn into venin, as at first glance, it doesn’t really make much sense. But then, once you understand the bigger picture and the actual events, it does make a lot of sense.

It doesn’t mean we have to like the outcome, but the fact is, Xaden did turn venin. Want to know something else? In her dreams, Violet predicted it all. Ok, let’s get started and go explain the ending of Iron Flame.

Iron Flame Theory: Venin live forever
Iron Flame Theory: Venin live forever

Why did Xaden turn venin

The simpler answer is that Xaden turned venin for love. He turned venin to save Violet from being attacked and ultimately killed by the general venin.

The long answer is a little more complex but I will go through step by step so you understand it all.

To answer this question, we need to go to Chapter 66 in Iron Flame, which is from Xaden’s point of view, to see what really happened on that battlefield.

I was never a match for him. None of us are.” This is what Xaden says about the venin who wore him down for fun. What you need to take away from this is that Xaden fought bravely to protect everyone, including Violet. Unfortunately, he is nearing burnout. And as well know, burnout means dead for riders.

“So, I’m going to give you one last chance to make the right choice so we can get this over with,” is what the venin tells Xaden. At this point we are not too sure about what this means. But then the venin continues and explains.

“I told you once that you’d turn for love,” he says, holding his arms out. “And so you shall.” This is the time when we can refer to the dreams Xaden and Violet share.

“Come on, shadow wielder. Turn. It’s the only way to save her.” This is very important indeed. Probably the most important point in their conversation. This is when the venin does give Xaden an ultimatum. Turn venin and save Violet. Xaden is obviously not the guy who yields to empty threats, so he opens the bond between him ans Violet to see how she’s doing if she is fine.

I throw myself down the bond and feel Violet slipping, burning, intending to… My shadows slip, but the general doesn’t move.
She’s going to sacrifice herself to save me.
She intends to die.

This is a pivotal moment, because Xaden loves Violet more than he loves himself. He is now afraid. Violet is not safe.

Violet is near burnout too, at this point attempting to imbue the iron stone. Do you remember?

I throw down my shields—
Pain. Agonizing, blistering pain roars down the pathway. Hopelessness and… helplessness? It hits me from every angle, stealing my breath, overwhelming my senses and my strength. My body sags— my full weight in Aaric’s arms—as my mind fights to separate Xaden’s emotions from mine.
He’s… I can’t think around the pain, can’t breathe for the tightness in my chest, can’t feel the ground beneath my feet.
“Xaden’s dying,” I whisper.”

She can feel Xaden dying, near burnout so she throws everything she’s got into that stone because she wants to save him more than she cares about herself. She doesn’t care at this point, she just wants him to fight until she can drain herself and raise the wards.

Now, going back to Xaden’s point of view.

You know what will happen when you fail?”
“I’ll step over your dead body and find her. Then I’ll wrap my hands around her delicate little neck […]—and drain her.

This is pretty intense at this point. Can you imagine? Violet can feel Xaden dying. Xaden can feel Violet dying. The venin general stands there having a laugh, telling Xaden that he can still save her from her imminent death.

Xaden Riorson - Empyrean Series - Is he a good guy?

So when does Xaden turn venin?

In the midst of all of this, Xaden tries one last time to hold venin general in place, away from advancing towards Xaden and towards Violet. At this point, Sgaeyl screams through the bond to Xaden to fight. Here is what happens and the exact moment Xaden turns venin.

“Hold him! she demands.
But I can’t.
He’s too strong, and I have nothing left. But I’ll be damned if Violet suffers the consequences. He won’t get his hands on her. Not today. Not ever. The slush beneath my palm melts, and I feel… There’s something beneath me.
A steady flow of unmistakable…power.
“You cannot!” Sgaeyl shrieks. “I chose you!”
But Violet chose me, too.
I reach.

That’s it. That is the moment. The moment when he reaches for the ground, is the moment Xaden turns venin. Thus, Xaden turned venin to save Violet because Violet is the moment important person to him. He sacrificed himself to get more power to essentially fight off the general venin and in doing so, save Violet from being drained and killed.

Final thoughts

Of course, we all wished for a happier ending and a different cliffhanger in Iron Flame. At the same time, we know that Onyx Storm is going to be legendary, packed with action. I already have predictions for Onyx Storm so make sure to go check them out as well.

Oh, and one last thing. You remember how we’ve been discussing Violet’s second signet? I think I might have figured it out and yes, I think it’s related to the dreams shared between Violet and Xaden. I wrote a whole theory about Violet having dream sight.

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