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Iron Flame Theory: Violet can predict the future

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Written by: Cory

sketch of Violet Sorrengail

Coming here with another crazy (but cool) theory about Violet’s second signet. Yes, we have a whole thread dedicated to discussing it, but I’m currently reading Iton Flame again trying to catch some Easter eggs and I think I might have found one. A really, really big one!

Stay with me and let’s go on an adventure guessing Violet’s new ability.

I’m going to jump straight into the chapter. We’re talking about the beginning of Chapter 22, when Violet has a horrible nightmare about venin and Tairn.

“Faster. I have to run faster. Fear holds my throat shut as a tidal wave of death chases me across the sunburned field to where Tairn waits, his back turned.[…] Gold flickers near the tip of his wing.
Gods, no. Andarna. She’s here. She shouldn’t be here.”

First of all, we already discussed the nightmares between Violet and Xaden. I do have this feeling that some are shared, some are…predicted…
In this particular nightmare, I feel it’s definitely Violet’s dream. It would make no sense for it to be Xaden’s given that we’re seeing Tairn and we want to protect him at all cost.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Pay close attention and read this sentence again:

“[…]where Tairn waits, his back turned.[…] Gold flickers near the tip of his wing.
Gods, no. Andarna. She’s here. She shouldn’t be here.”

Alright, did you read it? Gold…why gold? By Chapter 22, Violet has seen Andarna being black. Andarna is no longer gold. Why would she dream of Andarna as a gold dragon? It makes no sense.

Unless…Violet is predicting the future somehow. And the gold little dragon she’s seeing around Tairn? Yeah, that’s Tairn’s dragon. Do you remember how I explained that Tairn and Sgaeyl had hatchlings? And how Codagh said there are two new black dragons in the den? They are Tairn’s hatchlings.

And remember, every hatchling is gold until they become adolescents. And only the head of the den (in this Codagh) can tell the color of these dragons. Which can only lead to us believing that Tairn and Sgaeyl have had hatchlings.

And Violet? She is seeing this in her dreams. Tairn with one of his hatchlings, a small golden dragon around him, being attacked by venin. I’m starting to believe that Violet has seen it all. She can somehow predict the future.

It’s information she needs to stay grounded. It’s epic because she could overtake the likes of Melgren. She would be way more powerful, way more important. She’s not quite an inntinnsic, but she can get access to the most important type of information: the future. The way it can happen, so she can be prepared.

I know this is a long shot. But what are we thinking? Far-fetched? Or are you with me on this one?

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20 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: Violet can predict the future”

  1. Corey,

    I am completely with you on this one. I am still on the fence about thinking she may be a “type” of inntinnsic. Chapter 64 “Was that my voice or Brennan’s?” hit me differently this last time I read it. This and she is looking for information old, current, and future.

    However, in several chapters throughout Iron Flame, Violet notes the a shiver down her spine or hairs rising on the back of her neck in anticipation of an event. This would include the final battle to come. Jack also gives us a “clue” in Fourth Wing during their first battle briefing. (as we have learn Yarros doesn’t throw these tidbits in for no reason).

    I also think that she wields the “weapon” that killed the venin in the great war, be it precognition or pure power (or the combination therein). I still refuse to call her a lightening wielder. As explained in Chapter 40: “You wield pure power that takes the form of lightening because that’s what you are most comfortable shaping it as.” This implies she could shape it as whatever she wants. But as you pointed out, precognition would make her infinitely more powerful and important than even Melgren. Combined, she is the weapon.

    I love this line of thought!

    1. And I love yours! I do think she might be a type of inntinnsic, I agree. But who is to say that predicting the future is not, in fact, a type of inntinnsic. Similar to Melgren but infinitely more powerful as you said.

  2. Hi, I wanna start with telling you I really love all your posts and they help me soo much to cure my FW and IF hangover! Actually, I’ve also been busy trawling reddit und subreddits on the series and have come across a very interesting theory that I cannot unsee now that I’ve read about it: Violet may have/ get THREE “signets”? well, we know about her lightening-power, of course. Then, there’s the potential “time-stopping/-slowing”-thing, but maybe that’s GIFTED from Andarna, so it’s technicially not a “real signet” but a gift she got (because we know, Andarda lost it now that she’s older). And then, there’s the third (second) signet that RY said has already manifested in IF (whatever this will be, I’m strongly leaning towards anything with gravity). I’m not 100% sure you somehow mentioned this on your page, but I feel like I have to post this! (I hope my English is good enough to get my thoughts across, as it’s not my first language). Lots of love for your page!!

    1. Thank you so much RJ. I put a lot of love into this and to be appreciated it means the world to me!
      Your English is perfect, thank you! <3
      And yes, we did talk about it in one of the articles that she basically has two signets and the time stopping/slowing gift. It’s a pretty cool idea and one I can totally get behind!

  3. At this point something … bugs me… (and tbh I don’t know where to put this xD)
    its not your theory but more like the second power of Xaden and that Tairn didn’t knew in the second book….
    BUT heres the thing… when Xaden and Vi went to Talk to Andarna and Tairn (after the first stopping time thing after the assassination attempt from Owen and crew )
    Tairn says this to Xaden:

    “Do not dare to try and read me, human, or you’ll regret it.”

    LIKE WTF …

    So… why is THIS then in Book 2…

    >>Tairn growls low in his throat and lowers his head at Sgaeyl as a rush of something bitter and sick floods our bond. Betrayal. I slam my shields up, blocking him out before I’m lost to his emotions, already struggling with mine.
    He didn’t know.”<<

    Like… in Book 1 it seems like HE KNOWS but then in Book 2 he acts betrayed? UHM… Halp?

    1. YES! Kuro, you are so right. It bugs me so much. Like, Tairn should have figured it out. He’s a black dragon, there is no such thing as outsmarting a black dragon. There are instances where I feel Tairn (and I love him to bits) is just arrogant for his own sake but almost like an old man in his mentality. He’s acting like he knows best when he is being “played” in certain scenarios. There is another thing that really bugs me. Like, when Imogen took Violet on the mat and tried to stab her. That was a blow stab at the ribs, as we learned later in the book. Like, they were in the same squad already no?

      So Kuro, my friend, I was just as confused about that. Also, they are mates, do they keep secrets from each other? Like…in all this time, Tairn couldn’t read Xaden? Even through their 4 way connection? Seems so fishy. Or an oversight.

      P.S. love your comment name “Kuro”, black in Japanese <3

      1. Tairn…. how old is he compared to human years? Like … u know like dogs when we count like in 7 year steps … We know that he is like… about 100 years old but we ALSO know that Andarna is with her 2 years alread a teenager… (she shoud be not a teenager already buut … yk.. circumstances ) But another thing I LOVE about Tairn is… he would NOT dare to burn anyone Vi knows EVEN if they are … too close… staring and stuff… he WOULD warn… but … I think he would not do more…

        I listened to book 2 today again… (5th time? dunno xD) and when Tairn stood up against Solas there was actually another runner… BUT this one… didn’t got killed… EVEN tairn could have snuffed at him like…” ah runner… be gone… and Solas… shut up …” but he didn’t … he ignored the runner (maybe for Vi’s sake?) and just growled at Solas.

        PS. Thx xD Its actually the name of my OC and I use this name everywhere.

        1. So I checked in the books, Tairn is 100 which makes him the equivalent of a middle-aged person in human terms. That’s what I read.
          I don’t think Tairn kills people for fun. He likes to intimidate but he never kills others. He always says he doesn’t partake in parlour tricks.
          But honestly…I’m a little confused by his knowledge and how little he wants to share with Vi (for now!).

          1. I think he is… concerned? That too much knowledge may kill Vi…. He adores her (not always showing) and wants to keep her save (maybe from the dragon imperion) but i think he has to jump over his shadow…. come to think about it…. he WASN’Ton the list for the Threshing BUT he bonded with Vi anyways… and kept her on her back even when she fell.. and yes he is arrogant but also cute in situations (like the saddle xD) >>“I hear it’s all the fashion,” Tairn brags.<< He cares so much about her… and come to think about it… HOW did he know about the assassination attempt in her room? I mean… she was sleeping… dreaming one of her nicer dreams… and suddenly Tairn barges in and wakes her up… Don't get me wrong the wakeup call is okay… bc of their bond… but… how did he know? Is there something we did miss? or… something…. else? Also some details are… so subtle… but.. some feel that they are there for a reason…. that we will…. get to know later…. like u said in ur smell theorie… this little details that are yet.. like cofusing… why are they here… nthey don't are necessary but THEY ARE IN THE BOOKS… Either Yarros likes details so much… OR they have got a reason to be there

          2. I wonder if that was Andarna? What if Andarna signalled? I mean she sees the future that one is clear. Could she see it close enough? vivid enough?
            Was it that Tairn could feel something? Was it that maybe the dragons collectively turned against their riders and told Tairn? To save Vi which many dragon KNOW that she’s super special (ehm Goddess, ehm)?
            You are right, details are very subtle. Which gives me an idea. I think I’m going to make a little reading group here so we can follow chapters one by one together and discuss!

  4. This is along the lines of what I’m thinking. She’s claircognizant. She knows things. She is always the one to put the pieces together – in Cordyn, the final battle at Basgiath etc. In Iron Flame she is learning to trust herself again because everything she knew was turned on its head which may explain why her conscious mind doesn’t connect to the fact that her second signet has already manifested. I think this could also help her heal/solve the venin amongst them situation too. I also wonder if this knowing – which is like seeing the future – is not set in stone. It’s more like she sees one possible outcome and can feel which path has the strongest outcome. It’s why her squad just goes along with her whenever she switches tacks.

    1. She always puts things together and you’ve got to wonder right, is that her power or is she just super smart? I do think she is seeing the future somehow, or just has the power to know what will happen, like premonitions through dreams.

  5. I’m right there with you, and if she can see outcomes that include the children with relics she will be way more powerful than melgrin.

    1. I cannot wait for our girl Violet to become even more AWESOME

  6. I think that violet second signet won’t be predicting future but being able to talk and see people who aren’t longer alive. while she was being tortured by varrish she saw liam. She tried to convince herself that was only hallucination and that she was seeing him because she was exhausted. What if she did it unkowingly and this is her second signet? Andarna herself said she knew she would have mind of a scribe and heart of a rider. The signet is a combination of a dragon and a rider because violet was raised as a scribe and is always trying to find the answer it may be the right signet for her and the fact andarna is unique adds certainty to this theory and that is why such a signet has not been before. share your oppinion about that. ( sorry for mistakes english isn’t my native language)

    1. Thank you for this! There is every possibility that this is the case. Although Rebecca Yarros herself did say that Liam was a hallucination. There is a chance that she’s trying to lead us on 😀 I think she saw Liam because he was sent as a kindness from Malek himself.
      But being able to communicate with those who came before and died, would be an incredibly powerful signet, because we would get all the answers we’d need.

  7. The dream about venin m- its the chapter 22, while Andarna is still sleeping, isnt she? So, maybe Vi can predict future, but I dont think its her second signet.

    1. It would pretty awesome tho.

  8. I think Violet’s second signet is some form of intinnsic. What no one brought up but is stuck in my mind is this: the first time her signet accidentally manifested was when she had her first kiss with Xaden. In the thrown room, another very spicy/passionate event, she reads Xadens thoughts completely. Maybe this was the accidental manifestation of the second signet.

    1. Xaden pushed that through her mind tho. As he did before. So she can see just how much he wants her

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