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Inntinnsic Fourth Wing Rebeccca Yarros
AbilityTo read minds
Navarre LawForbidden, capital offence
Characters with this signetJeremiah

Inntinnsic Pronunciation: /ɪnˈtɪnsɪk/
Part of Speech: Noun
Origin: Fictional, from the “Fourth Wing” series by Rebecca Yarros

Definition: An Inntinnsic is a person with the ability to read minds without the need for physical contact. This ability is considered a signet power, a unique magical ability granted by a bond with a dragon. Being an Inntinnsic is considered a capital offence in the series’ universe due to the potential threat they pose, and individuals identified as such are typically executed. Theoretically, dragons and their riders are considered Inntinnsics with each other through their bond, as they can communicate telepathically.


An Inntinnsic has the ability to read a person’s mind. However, in Navarre, this is considered a capital offence and all Inntinnsic are thus executed.

Inntinnsics are individuals possessing a unique and powerful signet, the ability to read minds. This extraordinary signet is not common and is viewed as a forbidden ability in the Kingdom of Navarre. Being an Inntinnsic is considered a capital offence, punishable by execution. This harsh law stems from the fear and mistrust surrounding this ability. The potential for misuse and abuse of this power is high, and the society has chosen to deal with this threat in the most severe manner.

According to Professor Carr, Inntinnsics are forbidden because of their unique ability to get access to classified information. They would be able to read the minds of all generals and know every details about the war efforts. As per Carr’s own words, knowledge is power.

The power of an Inntinnsic allows the individual to delve into the deepest recesses of another person’s thoughts, uncovering their intentions, secrets, and desires. This ability can be a potent tool, providing unparalleled insight and understanding of others.

Interestingly, the bond between a dragon and its rider in the “Fourth Wing” universe shares similarities with the abilities of an Inntinnsic. Through their bond, dragons and riders can communicate telepathically, sharing thoughts, emotions, and sensations. This bond, however, is seen as a natural and accepted part of their relationship, unlike the feared and outlawed abilities of an Inntinnsic.

Difference between Inntinnsic vs Retrocognition

Inntinnsic abilities should not be confused with the Signet power of Retrocognition, which is possessed by Dain Aetos in the “Fourth Wing” series. While Inntinnsics can read minds, Dain’s Retrocognition allows him to delve into a person’s recent memories, but only upon physical contact with the person’s face.

Although Dain’s abilities might seem similar to those of an Inntinnsic, there are key differences. The need for physical touch to activate his powers makes Dain less threatening in the eyes of society, as his abilities can be more easily controlled and contained. This distinction is crucial in understanding the dynamics of power and control within Navarre.

Theory about Inntinnsics

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