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Written by: Cory

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RankRider, Third Wing
StatusDead (killed by Professor Carr)
Appears inFourth Wing

About Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s signet power started to manifest in Fourth Wing. His signet was a death sentence, as being an inntinnsic is forbidden. He becomes confused and threatens to reveal secrets about Xaden and the rebels. Professor Carr steps in and breaks Jeremiah’s neck before he can reveal any of the secrets.


“And you!” Jeremiah turns, his gaze locking on Garrick. “Damn it all to
hell. He’ll know about—” The shadows around Jeremiah’s feet snake up his
legs in a heartbeat, winding around his chest until they cover his mouth in
bands of black.


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4 responses to “Jeremiah”

  1. Hi, I would like to know why did Prof Carr killed Jeremiah. I know that Violet said it’s a death sentence, can you elaborate more?

    1. Hi, of course. So, Jeremiah began manifesting his signet in front of everyone. His signet was that of a mind reader, which, in the world of the Fourth Wing, is considered a capital offence. The moment the professor realized what was happening, he ended Jeremiah’s cadet life. He would have been killed either way; the difference being, he might have seen it coming had he developed his ability a little more before his inevitable death.

      1. Isnt Dain and inntinnsic ? Why wasnt he also killed for his signet?

        1. Because Dain can only read recent memories and he can only access that upon touch. Therefore he is not considered a high security risk. No face touch, no signet ability 🙂

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