Onyx Storm Theories – A complete collection

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Onyx Storm Theories - Empyrean Series Book 3 by Rebecca Yarros

Here are some really cool theories about Onyx Storm, the third book in the Empyrean Series, pieced together by both myself and other avid readers. These theories offer insight into anticipated plot twists, character evolutions, thematic explorations, or potential narrative trajectories in the series. They reach beyond the tangible details provided in the text, drawing on a detailed examination of the storyline’s progression, character dynamics, and various storytelling elements.

All contributions to these theories will be acknowledged accordingly. If you’ve developed a theory related to Onyx Storm, please feel free to share it!

Note that the discussion ahead contains spoilers for Onyx Storm.

Let’s look at some of the most thought-provoking theories that have come out of Onyx Storm.

Topics range from the title of the book, to predictions about the next installment. We discuss issues such as Xaden’s soul and his connection with venin. We speculate about Andarna and her heritage. We talk about teasers and politics in the fantasy world.

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29 responses to “Onyx Storm Theories – A complete collection”

  1. My theory for Onyx Storm is that it will be a totally Xaden POV novel. We’ll finally understand him more and why he doesn’t communicate and share, his core memories. We can also learn about his inntinnsic abilities and how he controls them. Through him we’ll learn about the venin and their motivations, hierarchies, history, maybe even a little sympathy-for-the-devil. Hmmmmmm….

    1. That would be interesting. So we’re thinking that Tairn was talking to Xaden in the preview? I love this theory. Can I post it here?

  2. I think that Varrish and Lilith were both venin, and this will be discovered by Violet as she searches for a cure for Xaden-and the cure is something to do with Andarna. This is why both of them were so interested in Andarna, for example Lilith asking to examine her in Fourth Wing, and Varrish punishing Violet for Andarna not being there.

    1. Thank you!!! I do think Lilith was venin!

  3. andarna knows how to defeat venin. xaden’s mother is alive and crucial to the story. naolin is alive and the sage of the venin. violet needs to look at her dads notes-and her dad is probably alive and either her mom or dad was/is venin. lewellyn is also going to be important (e.g. will betray xaden and tyrrendor). violets second signet is talking to the dead. these are a just few of my theories! especially the lewellyn one!

    1. Do you feel she is crucial to the story? I want to know more!
      Naolin is alive 100%. I feel the same way.
      Violet NEEDS to look at those journals already OMG

  4. I have a few theories to throw in the pot 🙂

    Firstly, Violet’s second signet – I think its a kind of truth magic, and that she can detect the wrongness of an outright lie. There are many examples of this – notably when translating the journal, she has a persistent sense that something is wrong. However, I don’t think she can (yet) detect whether someone is being fully truthful, as there are also multiple examples of people giving her half-truths and lies by omission, and she doesn’t seem to pick it up. This ties in well with her core motives as a character, and is also consistent with her passion for scribe culture and the disillusionment that she experiences when she finds out that the scribes have been editing history. This means that her nightmares/true dreams about General Venin are from the General’s powers, not hers, which would also explain why Xaden appears to be having similar dreams.

    My second theory is that Violet’s dad is venin, but not General Venin. I think there will be a group of “responsible” venin who only take what they need, and that he is/was part of that group. I also think more venin who are bonded to dragons will become apparent, and that the venin-dragon bonds could potentially occur outside of the rules of the rider’s quadrant. This would mean that Violet’s father could be a scribe AND a rider, which would make Lilith’s comment about all Sorrengails being riders truthful. Alternatively, if Violet’s dad is venin, he may be long-lived and could have gone through the rider’s quadrant and bonded a with dragon before faking his death and starting again with the scribes.

    1. Really sorry for the delay!
      I love the idea of the truth magic. But what do you think about truth sayers being used for bad in Iron Flame? Like, we have a bad opinion of them already, do you reckon the author would use that for her second signet?
      Your second theory is wild and I’m here for it. I thought he’s the general venin but I was wrong haha. You know what I think now? I think he is the God Malek.

      1. Re: truth sayers being used for bad – my guess is that a core part of the story from here on will be that powers themselves aren’t good or bad, it’s how they are used. Just the vibe I get from Xaden’s signet reveal 🙂

        I read your theories about the gods! So interesting, and it does line up well – I think you are on to something. I’m kinda hoping it stays more on the inspired-by side though and that they aren’t literal children of the gods. I got burnt by another series not doing this well :/

        1. You are right! I also got burnt by another series haha. And I think I know exactly which one you are talking about. So far, I trust Yarros that she’s doing an amazing job. I hope it keeps this way!

  5. Not sure where to lace this but her nightmare. It jumps from nightmare to feeling safe that Varrish can’t kill her. She remembers her nightmares as she’s mentioned to Imogen and Xaden but why is she bringing up Varrish (chapter 37). What is RY trying to tell us here?? Is Varrish the sage?

    1. Wait. Let me read it and BRB.

    2. This is the only thing I found:

      “Big windows, thick velvet drapes, wall-to-wall bookshelves, massive bed. I’m safe. Varrish isn’t waiting on the other side of the door to break me again because he’s dead. I killed him.” -> Is this the part you mean? He’s def dead. I don’t think he is the sage. He was killed with a proper dagger. But then again, I do think he was someone very important to venin.

  6. I’m manifesting Mira x Syrena (Mirena??!!) for the next book-their tension in iron flame was too much for me and they’re personally one of my favourite ships😃😃

    1. OOOOH? I do think they are two badass awesome women! I wonder if they are going to end up together btw.

  7. I thought Mira might end up together with the cousin they mentioned 🤣

    Sirena and Brennsn would be also a twist

    1. Brennan is a baddy in my books. I think he will be sacrificed by no other than Violet herself.

  8. Hi I had a small theory. Yarros’ last two titles for the empyrean series have been very very literal. I think onyx storm will be a real storm or area rather than a reflection of Xaden’s becoming venin. I have no clue how this could tie into any plot though.

    1. A literal storm? Like many in a way of venin storm type of way?

      1. I thought more like a storm as in weather which could tie into lots about violets mother as her signet is storm wielding.

        1. I would love that actually. I would love it if somehow we would “bring” more of Lilith back to learn more about her past

      2. I think the onyx storm is actually wyvern related… lilith made Mira and Violet look at the wyvern carcasses that they dropped and they had runes in them… page 539/540 of IF

        “Mira draws back a polished chunk of what appears to be onyx marked with a complex rune…”

        We know there are at least 3 types of wyvern and there were thousands at Basgiath attack… its defo connected … their attack can be seen as a storm referring to the wyverns as onyx as thats what seems to power them

        1. It’s very possible right? I kinda think the same. I know many people think it’s to do with Xaden. Because of his eyes. I think it’s kinda both which is more interesting.
          I feel like Rebecca Yarros should write thrillers and escape rooms because honestly…

  9. I have a few theories:
    1. Dain is a Vennin, and he is working with them to gain their trust, but will betray them in the end.
    2. Hate this one, but makes sense. Andarna might die. He breed basically went extinct when the vennin disappeared the first time. I think she is the key, but with being unable to carry her rider and Violet having Tairn, Violet might survive her death.
    3. We all know Dain’s Dad is working with the vennin.
    4. Naolin is alive, vennin
    5. Violet’s father is alive, vennin.

    1. Let’s dive right in.
      1. I sort of agree. But why help her raise the wards? But Cath is def too connected to venin somehow. She smells bad.
      2. I hate the idea too, but if I need to pick between Tairn and Andarna, sadly I have to pick Andarna to go. I love Tairn too much, and his connection to Sgaeyl.
      3. We do. And he’s a little a-hole. We all hate him. I cannot wait for him to be somehow destroyed.
      4. 10000% I agree. And Tairn severed the connection, that’s what it all meant “almost died losing that rider”.
      5. Rebecca Yarros confirmed that he is dead DEAD. No venin, or anything. Just dead, pure and simple. BTW, I had the same theory but sadly, she did say that’s not the case.

  10. SPOILERS !
    I have a theory about the onyx storm, mostly related to the title of the book. First of all, who does ONXY represent? We know it clearly represents Xaden, eyes etc. and IT ALSO represents TAIRN. Xaden said in the FW special ep that the color of the Tairn bond on his head is onyx!!
    -We know that the issue of Xaden turning into Venin will be an internal conflict for Sgaeyl. -now let’s assume that this is how the events turned out- Tairn had to cut bond with Naolin because he turned into Venin (so some kind of trauma for the Tairn) and now the same is happening to Sgaeyl. Tairn will try to force Sgaeyl to cut her bond with Xaden, and we know that our girl Sgaeyl is a stubborn dragon who won’t take another’s word. Being stuck between Xaden and Tairn, somehow rejecting him and choosing Xaden, may anger Tairn. This may bring Tairn and Xaden (that is, OUR ONXYES) face to face. As you know, there are a lot of theories saying that the Onyx Storm will be about the conflicts between Tairn and Xaden. maybe Tairn himself will want to cut the bond with Xaden immediately, because he didn’t even spare his own rider Naolin and maybe he’ll force Sgaeyl to cut the bond, Idk. we have many questions but little information…

    1. Did you see this one? If you search for the word Tairn in it: https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-did-naolin-really-die-saving-brennan/
      We’re on the same page. I do think Tairn is going to try and force Sgaeyl to break the bond. But I think it’s going to be for the sake of their babies.

  11. Sabina Ester Hlavka Avatar
    Sabina Ester Hlavka

    Hi, I red all the comments, the books I finnished in 3 different languages and here I am with few thing come to my mind:
    1. I am damn sure that general Venin is one of the First six – there is no other way (my suspicious is Warrick, at some point)
    2. Violet’s mother was a venin (who fought with it I guess) but I guess she turn to venin after she was expecting Violet or maybe she was drained by one of them that’s why Violet is soo different – here I’m not sure.
    3. Onyx storm – I guess there is something with Mairi’s family (as she was the last who knows how to use a really complicated tempering of runes), onyx stones inside the wyvern”s body with runes and also with Xaden – I have the feeling that there will some connection for all of this go together and his mother will be involved for sure. And dont forget that quote from the end of IF:
    ” Thought there is a some debate, it is greatly believed that turning venin heightens one of the dark wielder’s senses. It is this scholar’s belief that the one responsible for thec death of King Grethwild developed keener eyesight. For not even the best of His Majesty’s royal fliers could see through the darkness the venin hid within to slay our beloved king.” – that’s completely Xanden, don’t you think???
    3. Violet signet – definitely distance wielder, we can see her need for to be fast and be at right side in right time. But I think there will be also something about her connection to the dead ppl and general venin (the dream connection) and the fact she just jump to the Xaden’s had or she shares some subconscious with general Venin and Xaden. Might be that 2 dragons means 3 signet? No one ever had 2 dragons so how can we know for sure this? Or she might be the descendent of one of the First Six?
    4. Violet’s dad – this a bit tricky area, I am so sure they kill him for his knowledge about dragons, venin and maybe how to undone them? Pretty sure Aetos is in charge.
    5. I don’t think Naolin is alive or turned to venin – Tairn would definitely knows that. He’s just a person who died in order to safe Brennan, his love, and to have a solid base for Tairn’s character story.
    Your thoughts, guys?

    1. Hello and welcome! Also 3 languages? Woaaaah

      1. I also think it was one of the first six.
      2. Def!!! Lilith was venin thru and thru. I also think that she was being drained during pregnancy, and in the 13th hour, Lilith reached and became venin to save herself and her child. Violet was born with grey all over because she had been drained while in the womb. There was no fever, just venin.
      3. Some people suggest that it was Xaden’s mum who gave the venin runes again. I also think it was Mairi. One way or another, that’s how they got access. There is def something with Mairi. Let’s not forget that Liam’s family crest was at Atherbyne with something highly explosive. Why would something with the Mairi fam crest? And yes, venin are “better” wielders. More powerful signets. Xaden…he is the darkness now. He is the night. He will conceal everything and everyone.
      4. Yup! Aetos and Markham killed poor papa Sorrengail. It was poison and I think this is made obvious because Brennan and Violet are very much adept in poisons.
      5. My theory is that Tairn actually severed his bond which is why “he almost died”. I don’t think it was because Tairn was sooooo connected to him.

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