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Onyx Storm Theories – A complete collection

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Onyx Storm Theories - Empyrean Series Book 3 by Rebecca Yarros

Here are some really cool theories about Onyx Storm, the third book in the Empyrean Series, pieced together by both myself and other avid readers. These theories offer insight into anticipated plot twists, character evolutions, thematic explorations, or potential narrative trajectories in the series. They reach beyond the tangible details provided in the text, drawing on a detailed examination of the storyline’s progression, character dynamics, and various storytelling elements.

All contributions to these theories will be acknowledged accordingly. If you’ve developed a theory related to Onyx Storm, please feel free to share it!

Note that the discussion ahead contains spoilers for Onyx Storm.

Let’s look at some of the most thought-provoking theories that have come out of Onyx Storm.

Topics range from the title of the book, to predictions about the next installment. We discuss issues such as Xaden’s soul and his connection with venin. We speculate about Andarna and her heritage. We talk about teasers and politics in the fantasy world.

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2 responses to “Onyx Storm Theories – A complete collection”

  1. My theory for Onyx Storm is that it will be a totally Xaden POV novel. We’ll finally understand him more and why he doesn’t communicate and share, his core memories. We can also learn about his inntinnsic abilities and how he controls them. Through him we’ll learn about the venin and their motivations, hierarchies, history, maybe even a little sympathy-for-the-devil. Hmmmmmm….

    1. That would be interesting. So we’re thinking that Tairn was talking to Xaden in the preview? I love this theory. Can I post it here?

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