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Aaric Greycastle

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NameAaric Greycastle
Real NameCam Aaric Tauri
FamilyKing Tauri (father)
Alic Tauri (Older brother)
Halden Tauri (Older brother)
Royal positionSecond in line
DragonBlue Clubtail


Aaric Greycastle, who is actually Cam Greycastle Tauri, poses as a candidate in Iron Flame, adopting a false surname and using his middle name to avoid recognition. Despite his efforts, Violet and Dain Aetos instantly identify him as King Tauri’s third son and the second in line to the throne, after his elder brother Halden.

Violet assists Aaric by keeping his identity a secret and guiding him to their squad, hoping he will join them. Aaric, aware of his father’s secretive venin conspiracy and disagreeing with it, has joined the Riders Quadrant to challenge these policies.

He shares with Violet that his brother Halden also knows about the conspiracy but isn’t in the Quadrant, implying Halden’s acceptance of the lie. Violet then seeks Aaric’s help to retrieve vital journals from the Royal Archives, a secret section of the Basgiath War College’s Archives. Aaric agrees and becomes part of her resistance group, following her to Aretia to fight against venin.

In the threshing ceremony, Aaric bonds with a magnificent blue dragon, yet his signet remains unmanifested. He is notably close to Sloane Mairi.

Physical Appearance

Royal green eyes like his father.


“He thinks I’m on my twentieth-birthday tour,” Aaric answers,
rubbing his hand over his square jawline and light-brown scruff, disgust
curling his upper lip. “Drinking and fucking my way across the


“Absolutely. The only person I hate more than Xaden Riorson is my
father. Just keep your boyfriend the fuck away from me.” He stares
straight ahead.


Theory about Aaric

Iron Flame Theory: Aaric’s blue clubtail to become Andarna’s mate

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  1. I just want to let you know Aaric (Cam)’s middle name when he’s not under the persona is Aaric not Graycastle x

    1. You are absolutely right Lily! Thank you so much <3

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