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King Tauri

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NameTauri (first name unknown)
Royal NameKing Tauri the Wise
RankKing of Navarre
Royal ProclamationBattle of Aretia
FamilyHalden Tauri (son)
Alic Tauri (son)
Aaric Greycastle Tauri (son)

Physical Appearance

Toothy smile. Suit with a dozen medals he’s never won from a hundred battlefields he’s never stepped foot on. King Tauri has a moustache.


According to his son Aaric, King Tauri doesn’t have anything warded that isn’t worth showing off. King Tauri has a space in the Basgiath War College called the Royal Vault. The Royal Vault is well warded and can only be accessed by someone from King Tauri’s bloodline.

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8 responses to “King Tauri”

  1. He got a son who didn’t make it through the Threshing, right?

    1. Nope…it says a lot lol.

      1. Nope like he didn’t, or no, like the son didn’t make it?

      2. Sorry, wasn’t clear. No, he didn’t make it.

  2. Does anyone remember if the king was mentioned to have a dragon?

    1. No, I don’t think this was mentioned. He might not be a rider.

  3. When they break into the royal archives there is mention of cloth being embroidered with “the king’s signet” – I’m so curious what that is all about!

    1. I do wonder if that is a clue indeed. But also, I think the Royal Archives are really significant in the book. The smell (you know the bad one, from the Archives?) is gone!

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