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Alic Tauri

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NameAlic Tauri
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
CollegeBasgiath War College
FamilyKing Tauri (father)
Aaric Greycastle Tauri (brother)
Halden (brother)
Appears inIron Flame

About Alic Tauri

Alic Tauri was Aaric’s older brother, who enrolled as a cadet in the Riders Quadrant at the Basgiath War College. He was killed by Xaden Riorson.

According to Xaden, Alic was a “craven, murderous prick”. Xaden tells Violet that Alic deserved to be killed because he was a bully, and he forfeited his life by coming after Garrick during Threshing.

Aaric continues to be upset with Xaden for murdering his brother.


Alic deserved it. He was a bully and forfeited his life by coming
after Garrick during Threshing. Though I wonder who it was that told
Aaric, since if his father knew I highly doubt I’d still be in possession of
my head.”


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