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Threshing takes place on October 1, every year, two days after Presentation.

Threshing takes place as part of the Riders Quadrant set of tests in order for cadets to become riders.

Threshing is held in the valley located beneath the citadel, just two days after the cadets have taken part in the Presentation.

At Threshing, the cadets who remain are presented with the chance to establish a bond with a dragon. If they succeed in this bonding, they are officially elevated to the rank of riders. They are given rider leathers and their own private room.

For those who do not manage to bond, they are given the opportunity to repeat the year with the hope that they will make it to Threshing again and get another chance to bond with a dragon.

During the Threshing, a cadet typically senses when a dragon chooses them, as it’s a feeling that resonates within. Similarly, they can also discern when a dragon has decided not to select them.

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