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Sawyer Henrick

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Sawyer Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameSawyer Henrick
Executive Officer (Iron Flame)
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
RelationshipsViolet Sorrengail (friend)
Ridoc (friend)
Rhiannon Matthias (fling)
Jesinia (love interest)
Place of birthLuceras


Sawyer completed his first year at the Riders Quadrant at the War College of Basgiath successfully. However, during Threshing, he was not chosen by any dragon for bonding. Despite this setback, he was given the opportunity to repeat the first year with the hope that he would have better luck bonding with a dragon on his second attempt. Fortunately, during his second attempt, he was successful in forming a bond with a dragon. He did not tell his parents he needed to repeat his first year as he was too embarrassed to say so.

He is originally from Luceras.

Physical Appearance

Sawyer is tall and wiry, with a light complexion that is dotted with a smattering of freckles. He is athletic.


Sawyer is smart. He is kind and honourable as he defends Violet Sorrengail during the Presentation when one of his squad mates, Tynan, calls her weak in front of the dragons.

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