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Ridoc Gamlyn

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Ridoc Empyrean Series Rebecca Yarros
NameRidoc Gamlyn
RankRider, Second Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
RelationshipsViolet Sorrengail (friend)
Rhiannon Matthias (friend)
Tyvon Varen (Fling)
Sawyer (Friend)
SignetIce Wielder

Physical Appearance

Ridoc has a dark brown hair and a brown skin. He is a shorter cadet.

In Iron Flame, Ridoc gets a tattoo of his brown swordstail on his neck.


Ridoc is a smart ass. He rarely loses his temper and usually uses humour to defuse situations.


Ridoc maintains a close friendship with both Rhiannon and Violet Sorrengail. He consistently supports Violet, celebrating her achievements. Following the Gauntlet, Ridoc sided with Violet, commending her for completing the formidable challenge. After the Threshing, he lauded Violet for being selected by Tairn, whom he affectionately referred to as “the baddest motherfucker around”.


Ridoc is afraid of snakes.

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