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Fourth Wing Chapter 3 – Read Along Book Club

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Empyrean Series Book Club Fourth Wing Chapter 3 Read Along

It’s time for chapter 3 of Fourth Wing which we are about to discuss in great detail. If you haven’t read Fourth Wing Chapter 3 yet, you need to do so before continuing.

Chapter 3 of Fourth Wing really throws Violet into the deep end of the dragon rider world. After she barely makes it across the scary parapet, Violet’s day doesn’t get any easier. She’s got people wanting to kill her already, and dragons looking at her like she’s their next snack. It’s intense!

Inside the Riders Quadrant

First off, there’s this moment right after Violet survives the parapet, and she’s trying to catch her breath. That’s when she realizes not everyone’s happy she made it. Jack, one dude who already tried to knock her off the parapet, makes it clear he’s got it out for her. But Violet’s like, “Get in line, buddy,” because she’s already got enemies, including Xaden Riorson, who seems to have a personal vendetta against her family. Talk about a tough first day!

Then there’s this bit where Violet’s trying not to fall apart from all the stress and the pain in her knee. She’s trying to play it cool, but inside, she’s freaking out. It’s pretty relatable—like when you’re trying to act all tough in front of others, but inside, you’re a total mess.

Introducing a potential love story?

Things get a bit brighter when Violet bumps into Dain, an old friend who’s now a second-year rider. But even this reunion is bittersweet. Dain is all grown-up and looking fine, but he’s also super worried about Violet. He doesn’t think she’ll survive in this brutal rider world. It’s a real “thanks, but no thanks” moment because, on one hand, it’s nice he cares, but on the other, Violet doesn’t need anyone doubting her. Still, Violet really likes Dain, that much is clear.

Their interaction is a mix of old times and the harsh reality of now. They’ve got history, but things are different. Violet’s got something to prove, not just to everyone else, but to herself too. And Dain? He’s caught between wanting to protect his friend and knowing he’s got to let her fight her own battles.

Fourth Wing

Violet and Rhiannon are now friends. This much is clear. And that’s awesome because our girl Violet needs some allies in this cruel world. And thanks to Mira’s advice (previous chapter), Violet is under Dain’s wing (see what I did there?).

Violet tries her very best to avoid Xaden Riorson, but this is all short-lived because Xaden has power and influence. He makes some changes and ensures Violet is in his wing, under his direct line of command. Violet and Rhiannon are officially part of Fourth Wing!

Hello, dragons!

The chapter also does a great job showing us what the rider training world is like. It’s not just about riding dragons. There’s politics, there’s rivalry, and there’s this constant pressure to be the best. When the dragons show up, it’s like a reality check for everyone, reminding them what they’re really training for. It’s scary, but also kind of amazing.

And let’s talk about those dragons! They’re not the friendly, let’s go on an adventure type.

They’re fierce, they’re massive, and they could easily turn you into a crispy snack if they wanted to. Their entrance is this big, dramatic moment that really sets the tone for what being a dragon rider is all about. It’s not just the glory of flying; it’s about forming a bond with these powerful creatures.

My take on Chapter 3

So, by the end of Chapter 3, Violet’s in a pretty tough spot. She’s made it through the first test, but it’s clear this journey’s going to be a wild ride. With friends like Dain and Rhiannon by her side and enemies lurking in the shadows, Violet’s got her work cut out for her. It’s going to be exciting to see how she navigates this dangerous, dragon-filled world.

Easter Eggs to note

Every Sorrengail is a rider, don’t you know?

I note with a tiny burst of satisfaction that one is the tome on the Krovlan language that I gave him before he left last summer.

We’re moving to Fourth Wing. Xaden’s wing.

The navy dragon seems to tilt its head at me, as if its narrowed golden eyes can see straight through me to the fear fisting my stomach and the doubt curled insidiously around my heart. […]The dragon blinks, which might be a sign of approval, or boredom, and looks away.

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