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Empyrean Series Book Club Fourth Wing Chapter 2 Read Along

Please make sure to read Chapter 2 of Fourth Wing as there will be spoilers ahead. Alright, let’s discuss.

Chapter 2 is a vivid portrayal of Violet’s thrilling journey as she steps into the daunting world of the Riders Quadrant at Basgiath War College. This chapter is a crucial moment of transition for Violet, highlighting her struggle to find her place within a realm that seems almost insurmountable.

It marks the beginning of her transformation from a scribe’s daughter into a potential dragon rider, despite the overwhelming odds against her.

As the chapter unfolds, we’re thrust into the intensity of Conscription Day, a rite of passage that separates the hopeful candidates from the cadets of Basgiath War College. Violet, against her personal inclinations and armed with only a few months of preparation, faces the harrowing challenge of crossing the parapet — a stone bridge that tests the mettle of every rider candidate with its perilous height and the treacherous winds that threaten to cast them into the ravine below.

Straight into the danger

The narrative is rich with detail, describing the physical and emotional turmoil Violet endures. The reader is made to feel the biting wind, the slick stone beneath her feet, and the heart-pounding fear of the height.

And let’s face it, Rebecca Yarros immediately killed a character which we thought might actually become a supporting character. Dylan, you may RIP.

Antagonist introduction

This tension is amplified by the introduction of Jack Barlowe, a fellow candidate whose antagonism towards Violet foreshadows the challenges she will face from her peers. Plus we get to learn about Violet’s wit super early on, thanks to her knowledge of the Codex. She has Jack! She’s quick, smart and knows how to think on her feet fast.

Immediate World building

In this chapter, Rebecca Yarros excels in world-building, providing an insight into the political and geographical landscape that frames the story. And it’s not boring for a change…it’s fast, exciting and we can barely pay attention given that we NEED Violet to survive.

Through Violet’s recollections and observations, we learn about the strained relations between Navarre and Poromiel, the distinct provinces within the kingdom, and the significance of dragon riders in this militarized society. These details enrich the narrative, setting the stage for the complex dynamics that will undoubtedly play a significant role in the unfolding story.

My take

Chapter 2 is a compelling mix of action, emotional depth, and intricate world-building. It sets a high stake for Violet’s journey, not only in terms of physical survival, but also in her quest for identity and belonging in a world that seems to reject her at every turn.

The chapter closes on a note of uncertain triumph, leaving the reader eager to discover how Violet will navigate the challenges that lie ahead in the Riders Quadrant.

Easter Eggs to note

Violet Sorrengail,” I answer as thunder cracks above me, the sound oddly comforting”.

“You’re dead, Sorrengail, and I’m going to be the one to kill you.”

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