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Jack Barlowe

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Evil Jack Barlowe with slight red tint in his eyes, Empyrean Series
NameJack Barlowe
Age20 (Fourth Wing)
21 (Iron Flame)
SpeciesHuman (Fourth Wing)
Venin (Iron Flame)
RankRider, Flame Section, First Wing
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
RelationshipsCarolin Ashton (close friend)
Violet Sorrengail (enemy)
SignetPain Projection
WeaknessAllergic to oranges
StatusBelieved Dead (killed by Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing)
Alive (Iron Flame)


Fourth Wing

Jack’s introduction is marked by his bold actions on the parapet, where he notably pushes a fellow candidate off. His determination is evident as he vows to kill Violet at any cost. He attempts to do so on the parapet, and then several times after. His aggressive nature leads him to the First Wing Flame Section.

He tries to take Violet out during a sparring session, using his ability to pain project. Violet narrowly avoids his attack by tossing a vial of oranges at him, exploiting his allergy to them.

In the Threshing event, Jack and some of his ruthless allies target Andarna for elimination. Violet intervenes once more, thwarting their plans, and Jack, in a moment of fear, flees from her. Still, Baide, an unpredictable and aggressive orange scorpiontail who has had four previous riders, picks Jack as her rider and bonds him.

In a climactic showdown during War Games, Violet decisively stops Jack by causing a landslide that engulfs him.

Iron Flame

Everyone thought Jack was gone for good after the rockslide, but he was secretly healed by Nolon, bone by bone. His dragon, Baide, kept it a secret that Jack was still around. Nobody in Basgiath or in the Empyrean knew about Jack. The secret healing mission was supervised by Vice Commandant Major Varrish.

Later, Jack surprises Violet by saving her from an attack, instead of using the chance to hurt her. He tells her he’s changed after almost dying and seeing Malek. He told her that they are now even, since Violet almost killed him before. He then walks away, leaving Violet stunned, thinking she now owes him two lives and not one.

Towards the end, Jack makes a big decision to end his dragon Baide’s life at Basgiath ward chamber. This event puts out the iron flame which end the wards in the whole of Navarre. Jack then shows a hidden side of himself, the fact that he’s been venin since before Violet even fought him on the mat in Fourth Wing.

Physical Description

Jack is characterized by his glacial blue eyes and thick blond eyebrows. His physical stature is described as having a monstrous frame. He has malice in his features.

Violet describes him as having a sadistic grin and a red rim around his eyes.

He wears a smile that is evil and a sadistic glee.


Jack displays characteristics typical of an overt narcissist. As he prepares to cross the parapet, he boldly announces to the present riders that they should commit his name to memory, as he is destined to become a rider.

Jack Barlowe. Remember the name. I’m going to be a wingleader one day.”

Jack Barlowe, Fourth Wing

He exhibits a merciless and cruel nature, seizing every opportunity to kill.

He is known for his physical prowess, as seen when he has another first-year in a headlock during training​​, and his confrontational attitude, often challenging others and engaging in heated exchanges​​.

Jack’s interactions are often tense and conflict-driven. He’s seen challenging and taunting others.

Jack harbours a personal grudge against Violet Sorrengail. However, despite his bravado, he shows signs of cowardice. This is evident when he chooses to run and hide after being injured by Violet during the Threshing.

Dain Aetos describes him as a pompous ass. Jack is extremely cruel, as he is responsible for too many names on the death roll.

Powers and Abilities

Signet – Pain Projection

The Signet, particularly Pain Projection, is a powerful and unique skill that stems from the deep connection between a dragon and its rider. This ability was first demonstrated by Jack during a training session with Violet, where he inflicted severe internal pain on her, powerful enough to be lethal.


Jack possesses the extraordinary ability to draw strength directly from the earth, a power that allows him to outlive his dragon and deceive others about his true state. As venin, he can control his dragon and drain others of magic, as he attempted to do so when touching Dain Aetos in Basgiath ward chamber. As venin, Jack also has the ability to create wyvern.


Jack Barlowe is allergic to oranges.

His friend from First Wing offers him something—a slice of the orange he’s eating—and Jack shoves his hand away at the wrist. “Get that noxious shit away from me. Do you want me to end up in the infirmary?

Violet then uses oranges as a weapon to defeat Jack on the sparring mat.

As venin, Jack Barlowe can be held at bay by using the elixir developed by the leadership.



Jack is associated with Baide, as indicated by a moment where Professor Kaori acknowledges Baide as Jack’s dragon, mentioning that Baide has had four other riders before Jack. Jack, through Baide, is part of the traditional dragon-rider bond.


Oren hangs with Jack on multiple ocassions, them bonding over the idea that Violet Sorrengail is a weak link and a detriment to the Quadrant. They also attempt to murder Andarna together.


Tynan and Jack often find themselves in each other’s company, united by their shared view that Violet Sorrengail and Andarna represent a vulnerability and is detrimental to the Quadrant’s integrity.

Carolin Ashton

Jack’s interaction with Carolin Ashton is shown in a lighter, more affectionate moment where he is seen dragging someone under his arm and thumping her head affectionately. This implies a friendly or familiar relationship between Jack and Carolin​​. Carolin also kept his secret safe, that in Iron Flame he was being mended by Nolon. One theory is that she was used in attempting to mend Jack’s soul.

Violet Sorrengail

Jack’s relationship with Violet is marked by hostility and rivalry. In one instance, Jack directly threatens Violet, indicating a personal vendetta or deep-seated animosity between them. Their interactions are filled with tension and confrontations, suggesting that Violet is a significant antagonist or rival to Jack within the story​​​​.


Nolon, Basgiath’s mender, meticulously restored Jack Barlowe’s health, tending to each bone with care, after Jack was nearly lost beneath a mountainslide orchestrated by Violet.

Death and Resurrection

Jack is killed by Violet during War Games. He is presumed death after a whole mountain falls on him when Violet manifests her signet, of Lightening Wielder, aiming specifically at Jack to protect Liam Mairi and her other friends.

After several months of seeing the Healers Quadrant guarded and Nolon, the mender at Basgiath War College being run rugged, the leadership proudly announced that Jack Barlow is, in fact, alive.

He seems kind and changed and in a twist of events, he even saves Violet Sorrengail from imminent death. He shows his true colours in the final few chapters of Iron Flame when he uses his control over his dragon, Baide, to damage the protective wardstone at Basgiath War College. Furthermore, he then admits having turned venin sometimes in the previous year.

Ultimately, Jack finds himself imprisoned in Basgiath and kept under control with the use of a serum, to prevent him from turning further venin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Jack Barlowe in Iron Flame?

After Jack survived being trapped under a mountain and presumed dead, he spent the next few months secretly receiving medical care from Nolon to mend his injuries, bone by bone. Surprisingly, his dragon, Baide, and his best friend Caroline Ashton, kept Jack’s recovery hidden from the Empyrean and everyone else in Basgiath.

Who healed Jack Barlowe?

Jack Barlowe was healed by Nolon who mended him bone by bone. Nolon also said “it’s hard work to mend a soul” referring to the fact that the leadership already knew that Jack Barlowe was venin.

Which rider does Baide belong to?

Baide is an orange scorpion tail bonded to Jack Barlowe. During the Threshing, Baide selects Jack as her rider recognizing a mutual affinity in their shared aggressiveness.

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