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Elixir / Serum

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The serum / elixir which dulls the connection between rider and dragon and keeps the venin under control
PoisonElixir / Serum
PropertyDulls the connections to dragons and signet.
Controls venin.
TastePungent, earthy, floral

The elixir or serum is a signet-blocking poison specifically designed to dull the connections between riders and their dragons, as well as their signets. It’s a significant development that the leadership is very proud of.

The elixir is first mentioned during land navigation. Violet describes its tastes as pungent, earthy and something floral she can’t quite place. While the serum eventually wears off on its own, there is also an antidote that fully revokes its effects immediately.

Violet expresses confidence in her ability to create an antidote if she can get her hands on the solution, suggesting that either her, or Brennan, could potentially reverse the effects of the elixir.

Upon being tested with the elixir, many riders contest the use of such serum stating that it is unacceptable and seen as a violation. Rhiannon is also pointing out that something strange is going on, as why else would leadership develop a new elixir that dulls the connections to their dragons and signet.

Violet herself mentions “Why the hell would leadership be developing ways to weaken us? Because that’s what it felt like, being weakened, being cut off not only from my greatest sources of strength and support—Tairn and Andarna—but the very power I’ve come to depend on.”

Moreover, the context in which the serum is used is also notable. It is mentioned in relation to keeping Jack Barlowe, alive for questioning,but with the help of the serum’s role in cutting off a character from their power. It becomes clear that the serum was created to control venin.

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