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Professor Kaori

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NameProfessor Kaori
Role at Basgiath War CollegeProfessor of Dragonkind
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Appears inFourth Wing, Iron Flame

Physical Appearance

Slashing, dark eyes, perfectly trimmed mustache.

About Professor Kaori

Professor Kaori, a Colonel at Basgiath War College, is a deeply knowledgeable and well-loved educator. He holds the position of Professor of Dragonkind, teaching cadets about dragons. Professor Kaori is an Illusionist, he can project what he sees in his mind.

In “Fourth Wing”, we encounter Professor Kaori during a class where he prepares cadets for Threshing, a crucial stage in their training. He instructs them on how to behave around dragons, delving into the personalities of different dragon types. His ability (signet) as an Illusionist, enabling him to project his mental visions, further helps his teaching, providing students with a vivid understanding of dragons. This unique skill makes his lessons more engaging according to Violet.


“Red Scorpiontails, like Ghrian here, are the quickest to temper,”
Professor Kaori continues, his perfectly trimmed mustache curving as he
smiles at the illusion like he’s the dragon himself. We all take notes. “So if
you offend him, you’re—”
“Lunch,” Ridoc says from my left, and the class laughs. Even Jack
Barlowe, who hasn’t quit glaring at me since his squad took over their
quarter of the room a half hour ago, snorts.


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