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Fourth Wing is Waterstones’ Science Fiction & Fantasy Book of the Month for April

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Fourth Wing is Waterstones' Science Fiction & Fantasy Book of the Month for April

This is no April’s fool, according to Rebecca Yarros’s official Instagram account, Fourth Wing just snagged the spot as Waterstones’ Science Fiction & Fantasy Book of the Month for April, and honestly, it’s pretty awesome news. Congrats to our beloved author! Rebecca Yarros, you deserve it all!

This book it’s like diving headfirst into this intense military college world where people are bonding with dragons and facing all kinds of wild battles. Imagine trying to keep up in a school where your final exam could involve aerial combat on a dragon. Pretty cool, right?

After all, the mighty slogan of the book is fly or die. And yup, it’s pretty accurate! If you haven’t read it yet, make sure to join our Empyrean Riders Book Club and do a read along where every day we discuss every chapter of the book and underline Easter Eggs you need to take notes of.

Why Fourth Wing?

Is Fourth Wing Spicy? My hardcover book by Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros totally nails it with a mix of high stakes, deep bonds between characters (and their dragons!), and a plot that keeps you guessing. It’s like she’s got this knack for pulling you into this gritty, competitive environment where every character is pushing their limits. The best part? The adventure part of the book starts right away! Like, from chapter 1 which is awesome.

And getting recognized by Waterstones to encourage more people to read it? That’s perfect. It means this book isn’t just catching the eye of fantasy lovers, it’s standing out as a top pick in a sea of great reads.

This nod from Waterstones isn’t just great for Yarros; it’s a win for the whole genre. Speculative fiction sometimes flies under the radar, but awards like this shine a spotlight on how imaginative and thought-provoking these stories can be. It’s like saying, “Hey, if you haven’t given fantasy a shot, now’s the time, and Fourth Wing is the book to grab.”

(And then, make sure to read all our Fourth Wing theories, then grab Iron Flame!)

If you’re new to the whole fantasy and sci-fi scene, this book might just be the perfect gateway. It’s all about adventure, facing fears, and the journey to find where you truly belong. Plus, who doesn’t love a good dragon tale? (It has grumpy dragons!)

In a nutshell, Fourth Wing’s recognition is a big thumbs up for everyone who loves getting lost in worlds far from our own. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best escapes are found between the pages of a book where dragons soar and the impossible becomes possible. So, if you’re looking for your next read, Fourth Wing is where it’s at.

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