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Fourth Wing Theory: Why the next book is called Iron Flame

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Written by: Cory

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I have a theory why the second book from the Empyrean Series is called Iron Flame.

We all know that the most important characters in the first book are from the Fourth Wing (hence the name of the first book).

However, if you remember, in chapter 17, Page 197, Violet tells us that they received the new patch called “Iron Squad” which is right next to their “Flame Section” one.

Iron Squad refers to the most surviving members since Parapet.

I believe Iron Flame is literally a play on the “Iron Squad” and “Flame Section”.

UPDATE – We now have the Iron Flame verdict and the result of the theory. So, was it proven or disproven? Please note that the verdict will contain spoilers.

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5 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: Why the next book is called Iron Flame”

  1. What about the iron box referenced in Chapter 39 that was under the clock tower? I’m not positive, but it seems like the only other significant reference to iron, and it is obviously significant to venin– it poses a mystery whose answer could be central to the next book?

    1. Hmm…I see you, I see you. I mean, yes, of course! It can definitely play a role. I hadn’t considered the small iron box until you said it now. Oh how things can get super interesting superfast, right? I can’t wait for the next book!

  2. Not sure how it ties in but when Violet is describing the kingdoms in chapter 2 she says “in contrast, Navarre’s regions offer an abundance in ore” which is used to make iron. The trades that happen at Athebyne are an exchange of “meat and lumber from Navarre for the cloth and agriculture within Poromiel.” What isn’t exchanged is the ore and the crystalline gems “capable of amplifying minor magics” from Poromiel. Could iron ore somehow be what’s powering the wards

    1. Very good observation, Kate. We don’t really know much about the materials that power the wards right? We know some, but not how they truly operate. And you are very right, it’s interesting Yarros pointed that out. It almost feels redundant, but let’s face it. Nothing NOTHING in her book is redundant. I might pick up that chapter again to see if I can discover something else.

  3. UPDATE – I now posted the verdict to this theory. You can read it here -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-verdict-why-the-next-book-is-called-iron-flame-theory-proven-or-disproven/ (Please be mindful that there will be spoilers ahead)

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