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Iron Flame Verdict: Why the next book is called Iron Flame Theory Proven or Disproven

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame verdict - Why was the book called Iron Flame

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

For everyone who’s already raced through Iron Flame, or those who just can’t resist a juicy spoiler, this is your moment. We’re going deep into the Empyrean Series’ latest hit to see if my theories hold water.

Let’s chat about why the second book got its fiery title. If you forgot, this is the original article where I discuss why I think Iron Flame was named as such.

Remember the gang from the first book, the heroes of the Fourth Wing? Well, on page 197 of chapter 17, there’s this tiny but spicy detail where Violet tells us about their new badge, the Iron Squad, sitting snug next to the Flame Section.

The penny dropped, and I thought, “Hang on, isn’t ‘Iron Flame’ just a mash-up of ‘Iron Squad’ and ‘Flame Section’?” That would be neat, right?

But that’s not all, as you can see from some of the comments left by fans. There’s a twisty bit about an iron box hidden under a clock tower mentioned in chapter 39. This could be huge, and it smells like a clue that’ll matter big time later on.

Then, right back in chapter 2, Violet’s talking about the kingdoms. She says Navarre’s got loads of ore for making iron. And at Athebyne, they’re swapping meat and wood from Navarre for cloth and veggies from Poromiel. But they don’t trade the ore or Poromiel’s shiny crystals that boost magic.

So, what’s this all about? Here comes the drumroll…

The verdict?

It turns out, our theory missed the mark—just by a whisker! Iron Flame isn’t just a clever word play or a badge of honour. It’s actually about this crucial wardstone that needs a mega blast from all dragon breeds to get it blazing with an iron flame. This isn’t just any flame; it’s the life force that powers up the wards, keeping Navarre safe from any magical mischief (like wyvern, venin and even gryphon fliers)

So, yeah, we didn’t nail it completely. But, guess what? One eagle-eyed fan’s comment almost got it. They hinted at the ore iron and its potential unique ability to power the wards, which turned out to be spot on!

Although our collective guess wasn’t perfect, it got us thinking in the right direction. Iron Flame as a title is a powerful symbol of unity and protection, reflecting the core theme of the story.

To the fan who was almost there (Katereads), hats off to you! Your insight has been nothing short of impressive.

As for the rest of us, this twist in the tale is a reminder that in the Empyrean world, even the most well-thought-out theories can lead to surprises. It’s what makes diving into these books so thrilling.

With the title mystery put to bed, new questions bubble to the surface. And yes, I will be sure to share my new theories shortly.

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One response to “Iron Flame Verdict: Why the next book is called Iron Flame Theory Proven or Disproven”

  1. Yeah, to figure it out precisely from only the first book would not be possible. So, the one who guessed closest, got so close as it was at all possible from just reading the first book. Good guess.

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