Iron Flame Verdict: Was the Xaden is Inntinnsic Theory Proven or Disproven

Iron Flame verdict - can Xaden read minds?

Welcome to the series of the Iron Flame Verdicts, where we discuss in detail previous Fourth Wing Theories and whether they are proven or disproven. The most read and commented on theory was Xaden is Inntinnsic. Please make sure to read my theory, which took me ages to formulate and gather proof for. So the question is, was I right?

Heads up, we’ve got spoilers for Iron Flame coming!

Just a little warning before you read on: there are big spoilers ahead. If you haven’t had the chance to dive into Iron Flame yet, you really should before you go any further. It’s not just a suggestion – it’s pretty essential if you want to fully enjoy the big reveal we’re about to discuss.

Here’s a theory that’s been causing a stir:

We’ve all been trying to figure out Xaden Riorson since book one, picking up little hints here and there. A thought started to grow in my mind – could Xaden actually be Inntinnsic? This suspicion came from paying really close attention to the story and seeing how Xaden seemed to connect with Violet on a level deeper than their dragons’ bond. It was like he knew her secret thoughts, which seemed like more than just emotional insight.

While some doubted, thinking it was just the dragons’ deep bond, I had a hunch there was something more. And how amazing would it be if Xaden could actually read minds?

Now, Iron Flame has landed, and it’s changed everything! That big guess we had about Xaden – it was absolutely right. He’s a mind reader, and that’s a fact. I didn’t think we’d find this out so soon, in the second book, but here we are, and it’s like an early Christmas present!

Think back to all those little moments we wondered about, where Xaden seemed to respond to Violet’s unspoken words. It turns out we were right on the money. It wasn’t just emotional intuition; he was literally hearing her silent thoughts. We’ve got you figured out, Xaden!

And Iron Flame has made it crystal clear. Xaden’s mind-reading isn’t just a clever plot device; it’s a genuine part of the story. That little theory we all toyed with? It’s now solid truth, and Xaden himself has confirmed it.

I’m over the moon to have been onto this, but it’s not just a personal victory. It’s a triumph for all of us who imagined this theory could be true. And to those who were sceptical – your doubts only made the conversation more exciting.

With Iron Flame now out, it’s clear that Xaden’s mind-reading is no mere speculation. It’s an actual, undeniable piece of the tale.

How does he do it? Does he have another ability? It turns out that his dragon Sgaeyl, once bonded with Xaden’s grandfather, might grant a second power or cause madness in a new rider. Xaden got lucky here…

Who else is in on his secret? It seems no one but Violet Sorrengail, who pieced some of it together and then got the confirmation straight from Xaden himself. The whole scene was quite touching, honestly. I’ve read it three times and can’t wait to go back for more. It was thrilling and quite the emotional rollercoaster.

But this isn’t where the story ends. With this new piece of the puzzle about Xaden’s abilities, what’s next for him? There’s so much to look forward to, and I’m keen to hear your thoughts!

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30 responses to “Iron Flame Verdict: Was the Xaden is Inntinnsic Theory Proven or Disproven”

  1. Yeah, despite me being equally convinced he was a mind reader… he does not read thoughts. He reads intentions. Which is not quite that. Yes, it can be a clear picture, but… it is not like reading actual thoughts. So well.. i think it helps the story. Felt a little bit like … yeah… I mean, just intentions? Not the thoughts? Kind of… lame 😀 but, I think it is good. It is something that shouldnt be considered a general mind reader. Because, you do not get classified facts exactly, you just get the intentions of the person. Which is important but not that huge of a security risk.

    1. I think he can read thoughts too, just deeper than that. Like where the thoughts also stem from. Well, everything. Because he replied to her monologue and always replied to her thoughts too.

  2. ***Iron Flame book spoilers – FYI for others. ***

    Honestly, I still dont know how i feel about him being inntinnsic. I thought after the first book, he wasnt because he didnt read the mind of dain or anyone else about the setup in War Games battle. Then I started thinking that maybe they had their shields up, so he couldnt read their intentions, Dain including.

    However, when he tells Violet about being able to read intentions, he specifically mentions Dain and that he is ok with him coming to Aretia, because he read his intentions, and that part makes me very confusing. I get it that each one of them has different shields and how they protect their minds, but something doesnt fully add up to me.

    Very curious to see others opinion, and thoughts on this topic.

    1. Spoilers here too:
      I think he explained that Dain was essentially already a second year, so fully trained in shields. There was no way for him to read Dain. During the conversation, Xaden said that in the shock after the torture, Dain let his shields slip a little, and that’s when Xaden managed to read him and his intentions. I think that was our explanation as to why he couldn’t read him before War Games.
      I believe he could read those who don’t train in shields or are just bad at it…Like first years, sometimes when there is a strong emotional trigger or shock and people can lower them, non-riders and clearly…venin which is surprising.

      1. Ohhh! I am curious why do you think he can read venins thoughts? I didn’t catch on to that part.

        1. Chapter 64, at the very beginning. When Xaden tells Violet that the venin thought they will be at Samara. Then he said “do us all a favour and don’t ask”, then she immediately realise that he cannot tell her about the mind abilities in such a “public” space. That’s what I gathered? Maybe I read it wrong?

          1. AHHH! i didnt catch on to that as him reading venins mind… but again, wouldnt venin be powerful enough to have very strong shields?

            There is so much I want to discuss about venin’s, but I know it’s not under this post.

          2. It’s coming, it’s coming. Working hard to stay up late to write the theories. And yes…that’s what I thought too, it’s the only thing that makes me feel a bit…do venin have shields? Probably, right? Was it in another one of those dreams?

          3. I don’t think it’s his mind reading abilities, if it was then Violet would put it all together right away. But later she says that she still wonders why he thinks the venin is waiting for him.
            My guess it’s the dreams, somehow the venin can get into their dreams? Or whatever it is we don’t know yet

          4. That’s a strong possibility. I wonder how the venin does that. I’m on my second re-read and this time I’m underlining things and going snail pace for it. Trying to catch every little detail for theories.

          5. Okay, this comment alone is what I Googled and why I was directed to this page! Is he reading the venin?! And just can’t speak of it? It’s that why she moves on with the wardstone quest, because she knew? But this all circles back to:who dreams are they really? Or are they both? And why do all of the other Benin tell violet she’s they one he wants. Until Xaden is all ‘I’m the one he wants’!

          6. Uffff, hi Jeannessa…I wish I could answer this for you.
            I have a theory about why Violet can see the dreams but I’m not so sure. I think these are Xaden’s dreams somehow and Violet has access to them. I don’t think Xaden can read the venin, because I assume the venin has their shields up to the max. But again, I’m not so sure.
            So, right now we are not so sure 🙁

        2. I need to reread it but doesn’t Xaden read Jack after he’s killed Baide? While Xaden has him against the wall with shadows?
          As far as the dreams go… I wondered if Xaden is projecting those into Violet’s mind by accident the same way he did when he was emotionally overwhelmed during the spicy throne scene. Violet first thinks it’s her desire then realizes from the monologue that it’s coming from Xaden. It’s not the shadowy connection where he usually exists, she says onyx floods her mind just before she begins to hear what he’s thinking not saying to her through the bond. So it could be that the nightmares were Xaden’s projections onto her. The only hang up there is they don’t wake at the same time from the dream. She’s able to wake from it and watch Xaden sleep. Then at the end he dreams about the same scene, with the exact same words again.
          Oh, and earlier in the book during the dream Violet says to the venin General I’m asleep in Navarre and he replies “but you dream all over the world”.
          I have to reread it I’ve just begun theorizing and stating my second time through. It’s so much easier to pick up on the subtext and foreshadowing when you know what’s coming next!

          1. Unless she can somehow siphon? And be able to take his inntinnsic abilities temporarily? Thus seeing into his mind?
            Or what if that is her signet ability? The ability to somehow seek the truth and understand it by being an inntinnsic herself?

            Yeah, it looks like Xaden is projecting those or she’s able to see those projections somehow.
            I’m on my second read right now and I’m reading at snail pace. Basically still at chapter 4 after 3 days, because I’m underlying every bit of info and writing theories as we go…

  3. ☢️ Iron flame spoilers☢️
    Xaden’s innitinnsic theory from fourth wing is proven but iron flame dumped a whole bunch of new theories too.. this might be irrelevant at this post but I do hope you’ll write blogs bout thses few theories:
    1. Violet’s second signet(yes she has one and but doesn’t know herself.Rebecca confirmed and said we can find out what it is if pay close attention to Iron flame)
    2. The sage or the general as he called himself and his obsession with Violet( I personally think he’s violet’s dad)
    3. Xaden and Violet’s same dream/nightmare
    4. Xaden turned into a venin😭I think for the sake of information or how to turn back he might join Jack Barlowe
    5. This book might not be a HEA for the mcs. They’ll win the war but at a heavy price. I’m sure of that
    So pls write a blog bout your theories so I can know if any of my theories makes sense

    1. Haha love the little radioactive emojis there.
      1. Yarros did confirm. We just need to find it. And we will. We are all great minds at work!
      2. I think the same. But then, it does seem a little romantic to believe the dad is somehow still alive.
      3. I think it has to do with her second signet
      4. Makes me sick! UGH!
      5. I am on my second snail pace re-read where I put together theories. They are coming, they are coming! (not fast enough, but promise, they are in progress)

    2. My spoiler based theory. I apologize for typos in advance, my tablet is malfunctioning as I type out my theory. Please do not continue reading this unless you wish to be spoiled with the info provided below.

      We are told in 4th wing, That a person’s signet is a representation of someone at their core. We know Violet craves the truth and was almost prophetized that she would be the greatest scribe of all time per the dragons years before she joined the rider’s quadrant. What do we know of scribes? They document the truth that has been revealed to them and create a record of it for others to read and review at a later date. In book one, Violet is confident in her knowledge and that it is this knowledge that will keep her alive in the quadrant. Book two flipped this belief and challenged her to her core. She fumbled and made mistakes in book two because of this.

      We also know in book one Violet was practically devastated when she learned she would become a weapon to be used in battle. She HATED her signet was not designed to help, but to harm. Until Xaden challenged that belief in her because he knew she would use it against the Venin and not the griffin riders before she herself realized this.

      I think her scond signet manifested in a sex scene after getting into an altercation with cat because she knew innately what Xaden was going to do next before he himself thought it. I think she is full blown intinnsic or can see the future. Also, the fight with Cat intensified when she began to realize she knew little about Xaden and what his intentions were while she sat in his chair. Her realization of knowing his next moves caught her off guard but she was assured in herself she KNEW his intentions – and became more confident in herself in that moment while sitting in his chair.

      Everyone is questioning if the torture scene is where her second signed emerged based on seeing Liam again, but Yarros’ interview said he was just a hallucination brought about Violet’s need to always know the truth and failing to obtain it before his demise. She hallucinated him as a comfort measure because she was guilty for his death. But that’s all that happened and Yarros also stated he was added in the book because she felt the need to be a bit selfish.

      Again, this goes back to Violet (at her core) needing to know the truth. Why she despised Xaden withholding the truth from her and why she was so focused on seeking the truth in part one of Iron Flame. I think this drive for the truth is going go bring up an aspect of herself in being intinnsic. I also think Xaden’s hints about her needing to keep shields up around Dain is because he too is intinnsic and hides it by claiming he needs to touch faces to “see memories”.

      We know intinsics are murdered once they’re revealed. We have no clue just how common this signet power truly is. Only that its a threat to the years long war that’s centered around falsehoods and propaganda regarding the kingdom of Poromiel and their griffin riders. Not the Venin – the true enemy for the generals of the Riders division in the military.

      Just my theory.

      1. Kayla, it’s a fantastic theory. Truly. Did you see the comment Courtney left above yours? It’s in line. I’m really starting to see that the Liam appearance was to get us confused. But it’s true, in reality, she doesn’t seek the dead. She seeks the truth. Besides, she was cut off from her dragons, so technically she couldn’t have manifested the signet then, maybe. But it did manifest for sure when Xaden “showed” her what he thinks. It just seemed weird that he didn’t realise it. Also…those dreams they both seem to have…it might have been just Xaden and Violet reading him…

        P.S. we never mind typos here. It shows we write fast and with passion.

  4. So many great theories and you have all picked up on things I hadn’t thought of but am now going to re-read to enjoy all the hints.
    I too thought it would be a great plot twist if the venin that wanted Violet was her dad, it would explain why it wants her alive and why the venin on the battlefield didn’t simply kill her and drain her of her power. I think her dad would be a worthy adversary and I remember reading in the book it said somewhere that losing Brennan broke him and this may explain his turn to the darkness of venin magic.
    I love the theory that Violet is an inntinsic, she definitely does seek knowledge and the truth. I was way off base with this theory…I thought when Teccarus said that he saw what people really wanted and he could see Violet wants peace and to protect the ones she loves that was the hint. I thought she can amplify other signets, like Mira’s to protect them from the venin when it drains the power from the ground. Mira said she couldn’t access her power as she was too far from the wards but when Violet had such a strong urge to protect them it worked. It would explain why Rhiannon could move the dagger through the wall when Varrish was about to search Violet when she was wearing Xaden’s jacket. Rhiannon said she hadn’t been able to do it previously but as soon as Violet knew it would seal all the marked ones fates if Varish knew she could protect them and use Rhiannon’s signet. Fascinated by the theory that Violet’s power just displays as lightening but it could be used for other things.

    I love all the twists and turns, i can’t wait for the third book. Thanks for setting this up Cory, it’s healing me deal with the hangover of finishing Iron Flame and helping me process all the revelations.

    1. Right? It would explain the fact that she has those silver tips and she is weak ever since that fever…
      I am also pretty certain now Violet is inntinnsic too. I’m reading into it a bit more before formulating the full theory.
      Do you reckon she could somehow amplify powers?
      I am so excited that Violet is not really a lightning wielder indeed. She can commend the sky. It just happens that it her pure power takes form as lightening!
      P.S. I set this up so I can deal with the hangover, I’m really happy it helps as well.

  5. I’m re reading Fourth Wing immediately after finishing Iron Flame and I honestly don’t know how I missed this the first time through. Tairn all but tells us in Chapter 19, page 302 when he, Sgaeyl, Andarna, Xaden & Violet are meeting up after Violet is attacked in her sleep:
    “Do not dare to try and read me, human, or you’ll regret it.”
    Looking back it’s so obvious!!

    1. It’s always easier in retrospect, isn’t it. But there are soooo many new clues in Fourth Wing now.

    2. But doesn’t Tairn feel betrayed by Sgaeyl when Xaden reveals he is inntinsic because he doesn’t know??

      1. Tairn feels very betrayed. They have those issues when he ultra-upset with her.

      2. Yes, that’s true! Violet ‘feels’ the sense of betrayal from Tairn and comments that Tairn didn’t know. Also, Tairn & Sgael are then ‘fighting’ with each other over the betrayal. It’s confusing, in a sense, because Tairn does make that statement to Xaden (as in “Don’t dare read me…..). Thoughts?

        1. So I’ve been going back and forth about that. I wonder if Tairn didn’t realise that Xaden is trying to read him using his inntinnsic skills. But more like trying to penetrate his shields somehow, as they are connected. Tairn felt him wrapping around his mind but paid no further heed. Which is WEIRD. I mean, you’d think Tairn would have figured it out.

  6. Here’s my theory about (ancestral) second signets: we know if you bond with a dragon who bonded your ancestor you either get a second signet or go mad. I’m assuming that going mad means that you’d end up dead because of whatever the power that’s being channeled is too strong and you can’t take it—makes decent sense to me.
    What. If…
    What if riders who bond with a dragon previously bonded to an ancestor ALWAYS develop a second signet and most commonly they become inntinnsic so they end up dead when people discover that signet. Scribes then rewrote history to say they “go mad” to deter people from binding an ancestor’s dragon in the first place because inntinnsics are such a liability.
    Begs the questions:
    Is the inntinnsic signet one that manifests only for riders who bonded with an ancestor’s dragon? (Then you’d explain that Poor Jeremiah didn’t realize he had an ancestor’s dragon and that was unfortunately the signet that manifested first)
    How much did Sgaeyl know much about this when she bonded Xaden? She’s fierce.
    How much will we really ever know since inntinnsics get murdered so fast?

    Tangent question: how do we know Violet didn’t develop a second signet because an ancestor bonded Tarin before Naolin?

    1. I think this is a fantastic theory actually. It’s very possible that in fact nobody goes mad at all…they just get all killed. That is a super theory and we should develop it further. I’m going to look into the books to see if we can get more clues on this one. I like it a lot.
      Also, professor Carr is a bad apple, honestly. I reckon Sgaeyl knew everything!!! Hmmm, I am not sure about Tairn and Violet. The truth is, we don’t know much about the Sorrengails at all.

  7. Hi! Noticed something in my reread. Xaden’s secret might be out!

    When Xaden and Violet were on the mountain and they were discussing him being intinnsic, there’s a subtle line:

    My voice rising with my temper. Not that it matters. There’s no one else for miles, and there are no sound-seekers in Aretia capable of hearing across miles of distance like Captain Greely in General Melgren’s personal unit.

    Only a few pages later, they have their meeting in the forest about Samara with Generals Melgren and Sorrengail. The captain is not mentioned as being present, but if he’s in the personal unit, it’s very likely he was traveling with them!

    1. Hi Esther, this is a great find! It’s a very subtle detail isn’t it? Fantastic! I will add him to the wiki here, thank you. Now, we need to know…who the hell is Greely and what role will he be playing in book 3?

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