Iron Flame Release Day – November 7th

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Cory from Empyrean Riders holding a copy of Iron Flame

If you’re reading this, chances are you are a bit nervous and super mega excited. As I’m writing this, I am in Japan and there are exactly 5 more minutes until midnight in the UK (9 am local time in Tokyo). This is relevant because I pre-ordered my copy of the Iron Flame from Amazon UK. (I’m waiting on the digital copy, I know my hard cover will arrive in the post tomorrow)

Here’s a secret…if you go to Amazon Japan, the digital format of Iron Flame is already available. I’m still in Tokyo so technically it’s already the 7th here.

I know we all want a community to read with and comment chapter by chapter and just basically scream into the void when needed (we know Yarros, some screaming is in store, right?). Please watch this space, I will share a way for us to do so.

In the meantime, please give me a shout when you’re getting the book and let’s start reading it ASAP.

I barely slept last night, it literally felt like the night before Xmas. So there we are!

Ok, and since I’m going to press post at midnight UK time, 9 am Japan time…a little countdown is in order. 3….2…1….


Enjoy <3

UPDATE – 9th of November

I now finished reading Iron Flame, the digital copy, and went to a local store in Tokyo to find a copy. I got my hard cover delivered in the UK but I won’t be home for another month so given that I need to update you all with theories and new ideas, I needed a physical copy ASAP to get started!

Guess what? I couldn’t find the hard cover in Japan, but only the paperback. Do I have the first paperback ever? I thought these won’t come out until next year? Maybe someone knows and can let me know.

Anyway, are you ready to discuss Iron Flame??? JEEZ, so much has happened, I cannot wait…

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2 responses to “Iron Flame Release Day – November 7th”

  1. Got mine yesterday. I think I was almost sitting at the front door waiting on the postie 😆. Just finishing my current read today and all ready to start tomorrow. I really can’t wait to get started 🥰

    1. Can’t wait to start discussing it with everyone here! You are in for a RIDE! Pun intended 😛

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