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Sgaeyl in human form
Name meaning in GaelicShadow
LineGormfaileas Line (Blue Shadow)
OccurenceRarest of Blues
HumansXaden Riorson (Bonded Rider)
Violet Sorrengail (Connection via Tairn)


Sgaeyl is a rare blue Daggertail dragon, a descendent from the extraordinary Gormfaileas Line. She is bonded to Xaden Riorson and her dragon mate is Tairn, which is Violet Sorrengail’s dragon. Trough Tairn, Sgaeyl has a connection with Violet Sorrengail and can communicate with her as well.

Sgaeyl’s last rider died almost fifty years ago.

Physical appearance

Sgaeyl has glistening blue horns and golden eyes. She has a formidable size and is known to be most ruthless. Her Daggetail has knifelike spikes at the tip, which can disembowel an enemy with a flick.


She is ruthless and does not adhere to the laws as understood by dragons. She even formed a bond with a relative of her previous rider, an act typically forbidden.

Sgaeyl has never been a fan of bullies.



She and Tairn have the strongest bond in centuries.

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  1. Hi, i can’t help but notice that you used a lot of AI generated images on this website. For your information, the use of AI is very harmful to human artists and it’s a real problem plaguing the art community.
    Plus, Rebecca Yarros condemns the use of AI for her licensed artworks.
    I quickly went through your photos and I saw users like @artworks_by_roki, @shaunatheauthor @booknuts, these are all AI users.
    If you want I can help and recommend some more actual fanarts from actual artists to feature on your beautiful site! ❤️
    Let me know

    1. Hi, thank you for letting me know. Sure thing, I would love recommendations from artists. You can comment with some of the links here or, with your permission, I can get in touch via email to discuss there? Let me know!

  2. hello,

    in the human names and Dragon names, could you please list out the pronunciation.

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    1. I can most certainly try. There is a TikTok lady who helps with pronunciation in Gaelic.

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