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Fliers are the bonded cadets with gryphons. Fliers are to gryphons what riders are to dragons. This partnership defines their identity and role within the series​​.


While fliers might not wield signets like their dragon-riding counterparts, they possess lesser-magic gifts, often involving mindwork. This gives them an advantage in certain aspects of magic over riders​​.

Fliers are known for their combat abilities, particularly in dealing with wyverns and dark wielders. They are trained to be agile and effective in battles, utilizing their unique skills and weaponry​​.


Fliers’ cannot channel from their gryphons when they are behind wards.


To bond with gryphons fliers undertake a completely different set of actions than riders and their dragons. The test involves a literal leap of faith, where aspiring fliers jump off a cliff in an attempt to land on a gryphon. If they successfully land on a gryphon, climb into position, and hold on, the bond between them is formed. This process is akin to cliff jumping, and if a flier misses their target, they do not die but instead swim to shore, dealing with the embarrassment and preparing to try in another branch like artillery or infantry.

It is mentioned that gryphons die with their fliers, indicating an intense connection between the two. The depth of this bond implies that the death of either the gryphon or its flier would directly affect the survival of the other. It seems a lot more profound than the bond between riders and dragons.


Fliers received their training at the Cliffbane Academy in Zolya. After Zolya was destroyed, they sought refuge in Cordyn and subsequently relocated to Aretia.


Similar to The Codex, fliers have their own books and their own sets of rules. After moving to Aretia, the fliers abide the Codex too.

“When a gryphon bonds, it does so for life.
Guard your life as you would your gryphon’s, for they are forever intertwined.”

Chapter One, The Canon of the Flier

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