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Political SignificanceCapital of Tyrrendor
LocationTyrrendon Province, Kingdom of Navarre
BattleBattle of Aretia
TreatyTreaty of Aretia
Points of InterestTemple of Amari, Fortress of Aretia


Aretia is the capital of Tyrrendor province, which is part of the Kingdom of Navarre. It is strategically protected by the Cliffs of Dralor and the mountains’ terrain which surrounds it.

Aretia was burnt to the ground during the Battle of Aretia. According to the Treaty of Aretia, every child of a rebellion leader was to be marked by a rebellion relic and conscripted to the Riders Quadrant at Basgiath War College, located in Basgiath, the capital of Navarre. Each structure in Aretia has identical green roofs.

The main landmarks are the Temple of Amari and the library.

Tyrrish people have been rebuilding their city. In Iron Flame, we find out that the fortress of Aretia, which is Xaden Riorson home, still stands as it was made from stone, hence ensuring the dragon fire.


Aretia is 18 hours flying on a dragon from Basgiath.

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  1. Aretia is named after the town Arette in France. “Ar” means stone in euskera (basque). It’s interesting that Yarros takes so many names from this small region of the Pyrenees (Empyrean) and never credits the region once.

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