Fortress of Aretia

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Alternative NameRiorson House
LocationAretia, Tyrrendon Province, Kingdom of Navarre
Political SignificanceHeadquarters for The Assembly
Personal SignificanceHome of Xaden Riorson

The Fortress of Aretia, situated in the Tyrrendor province, stands resilient amidst the mountains. It is a significant structure that survived the Battle of Aretia, thanks to its sturdy stone construction, which resisted the dragon fire. Home to Xaden Riorson, the fortress looms large near the Cliffs of Dralor, overseeing the city and its uniformly green-roofed buildings. This fortress symbolises the strength and determination of the Tyrrish people, serving as a reminder of their ability to rebuild and endure through challenging times.

Architectural Description

The Fortress of Aretia, also known as Riorson House, is a striking blend of elegance and fortification, situated in a defensible position carved into the mountainside. Its architecture masterfully combines the grandeur of a palace with the robustness of a fortress, reflecting its dual purpose as both a home and a stronghold.

Hallway: The high arched hallway is adorned with an intricate carpet. The hallway boasts a breathtaking feature – a set of sweeping, polished double staircases. These staircases, with their meticulously detailed banisters, ascend through the building’s impressive height, reaching up four floors. The morning light pours through dozens of small windows, which are the sole adornments on the five-story wall above the entrance, creating an ambiance of warmth and grandeur.

Assembly Room: The Assembly meets in a room guarded by two large, ornate doors. There is a massive chair with velvet armrests.

Foyer: The fortress features a massive foyer. This space is adorned with actual art pieces on its walls, including a notable Poromish tapestry that hangs across the hall.

Defensive Features: The Riorson House is renowned for its impenetrable defences. Thick stone walls have ensured that it has never been breached, even during the three sieges it has withstood. The cobblestone floors and steel-reinforced double doors at the entryway add to its impregnable nature.

“Half palace, half barracks, but entirely a fortress, Riorson House has never been breached by army. It survived countless sieges and three full-out assaults before falling under the flame of the very dragons it existed to serve.”

On Tyrrish History, A Complete Accounting, Third Edition by Captain Fitzgibbons

The throne: a massive armchair with an intricately constructed back and the figure of a sleeping dragon perched on its pointed tip. One half is a rich, polished walnut, and the other has a black sheen to it, as if someone polished and sealed burned firewood… as if the chair has been half burned.

Hatching Grounds

In the valley above Riorson House, heated by natural thermal energy, lies the original hatching ground of the Dubhmadinn Line, from which two of the greatest dragons descend: Codagh and Tairn.

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