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Public Notice 628.86

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“In this, the 628th year of our Unification, it is hereby recorded that Aretia has been burned by dragon in accordance with the Treaty ending the separatist movement. Those who fled, survived, and those who did not remain entombed in her ruins.” – Transcribed by Cerella Neilwart

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3 responses to “Public Notice 628.86”

  1. Trying to figure out the relationship between Cerella Neilwart and JesiniaNeilwart. I’m thinking they live in the same timeframe?

    1. It feels this way. After all, she transcribed things immediately after Battle of Aretia (Chapter 1 and Chapter 48). That was just 6 years before Violet’s entering the Riders Quadrant and Jesinia entering the Scribes Quadrant. They must be related right?

      1. Yes. I just find it odd that she hasn’t been introduced as a character. I guess I think it has meaning and maybe something grim.

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