The Assembly (Aretia)

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In the historic city of Aretia, the fate of the region rests in the hands of an influential assembly, comprised of seven esteemed riders. This assembly is pivotal in shaping the political and strategic landscape of Aretia, with their decisions carrying significant weight. The unique structure of this assembly allows for a quorum of five members to convene a vote, acknowledging the rarity of all seven members being present simultaneously. A majority of four votes is sufficient to pass a motion, ensuring efficient decision-making.

The current composition of the assembly is a blend of diverse and powerful figures:

  1. Xaden Riorson
  2. Breenan Sorrengail (Aisereigh)
  3. Major Ferris
  4. Felix
  5. Trissa
  6. An older woman (name to be confirmed)
  7. Suri

Currently, this assembly champions the cause of Tyrrendor’s independence, standing in opposition to the Kingdom of Navarre. They represent the voice of the rebellion and the survivors, following the leadership of Fen Riorson. This stance places them in direct conflict with the Treaty of Aretia, highlighting their commitment to the region’s autonomy and their cause to fight venin and spread the truth to protect innocent beings.

The Fortress of Aretia, also known as the Riorson House, serves as the headquarters for the assembly. This location is not only strategically significant but also symbolically important, embodying the resilience and enduring spirit of Aretia and its people.

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