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Political SeatThe Assembly
DragonRed Swordstail
LocationAretia, Tyrrendor Province
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Description

Felix is a large man with an ebony hand and a thick silver beard.

About Felix

His personality contrasts his imposing appearance; he is known for his calm voice, suggesting a composed and possibly reassuring demeanor.

Felix helps Violet learn to control her powers with patience and guidance. He teaches her the importance of precision over just using raw strength. For example, he shows her how to fine-tune her lightning abilities, explaining that her unique power needs careful handling. He also points out her natural talent and helps her practice, like in an exercise where she carefully extends energy to an orb. Felix’s approach is understanding and supportive, helping Violet grow in her abilities.


“It’s a conduit,” Felix explains. “Lightning may appear from various
sources, but Tairn channels his power through you. You are the vessel.
You are the pathway. You are the cloud, for lack of a better term. How
else do you think you can wield from a blue sky? Did you never realize
it’s easier for you to wield during a storm, but you’re capable of both?”


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