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LocationKingdom of Poromiel
Political SignificanceHome of Viscount Tecarus

Cordyn is the next largest city between Zolya and Draithus, and still outside venin-controlled territory. It is a seaside city was a two-day flight from Basgiath, and around ten hour flight from Aretia. The city is on the sourthern coast of the Krovlan province.

Viscount Tecarus lives in Cordyn, as well as Syrena and Catriona Cordella. At one point, Xaden Riorson used to have his own room within the palace in Cordyn, when he was engaged to Catriona.

The palace of Cordyn is a sprawling structure, a glistening combination of white pillars and blue pools that cascade in five distinct terraces down the gentle slope of the hills above the beach.

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