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KingdomKingdom of Poromiel
Political SignificanceKrovla’s most populous city
RoyaltyViscount Tecarus

Draithus is situated about an hour southeast of a referenced location and is known for being close to both the Navarrian border and the sea. It is mentioned in the context of shared airspace agreements between Navarre and Krovla, particularly over the Esben Mountains between Sumerton and Draithus​​​​.

The city has been impacted by the war, experiencing threats from venin and wyverns. A village near Draithus was destroyed by a horde of venin, and the city itself was considered vulnerable after the fall of other Poromish towns​​​​.

The city is one of Krovla’s most populous and is described through its landscapes, including amber fields and pale beaches

Various significant events are tied to Draithus, such as battles, discussions about military strategies, and the city serving as a last stronghold before the Cliffs of Dralor​​.

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