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Viscount Tecarus

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Written by: Cory

Political SeatViscount of the Kingdom of Poromiel
LocationCordyn, Krovla, Kingdom of Poromiel
Abilityknows what people want
AgeIn his 5th decade of life
FamilySyrena Cordella (niece)
Catriona Cordella (niece)
Drake Cordella (nephew)
Queen Maraya (distant cousin)

About Viscount Tecarus

Viscount Tecarus has a political seat in the Kingdom of Poromiel who is not part of the recognized Navarrian aristocracy. He is second in line to the Poromish throne, making him politically significant. Tecarus is known for collecting items rather than trading them.

Tecarus is particularly interested in Violet’s power and seems awestruck by it. However, there is a lack of trust in him, as he is known for keeping valuable things against their will. Negotiations with Tecarus revolve around the luminary, a crucial device for completing a forge in Aretia, and his willingness to let others use it if he can witness Violet’s power. This creates a risky situation for Violet, who fears becoming his captives.

When Violet agrees to wield, Tecarus presents her with a venin she needs to defeat to survive. This was meant to be delivered as a punishment for Xaden’s actions in calling off his engagement with Tecarus’ niece, Catriona Cordella.

As a result of putting Violet’s life in danger, Tecarus is nearly choked to death by Xaden.

Physical Appearance

Tecarus is a tall, dark-haired man in a deep blue tunic with gold brocade. His uniform is tight about the waist, his flushed cheeks soft and round.

Special Ability

Tecarus says he has the gift for knowing what people want, what motivates them to give up their treasures.

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2 responses to “Viscount Tecarus”

  1. Hey Cory, I wanted to drop something here about Tecarus. He had important books to share that might shed some enlightenment on venin, especially. Who grabs the book on venin? Brennan. Does Violet just seem to forget to read it? Yes. I’m amazed she continues her training and classes despite having an amazing tool that can help her everyone understand venin and one guy is hording it.
    Brennan is definitely not a good guy.
    And Tecarus stinks of bad guy, too. He knew enough about how venin drain to build an arena with special stones. He just happened to have access to the chest to hold venin. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again.

    1. You are so right! I do think Tecarus is a bad one. And Brennan right? UGH! There are so many things that point to him being a bad guy!

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