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Catriona Cordella Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameCatriona Cordella
CollegeCliffsbane Academy
Royal TiesThird in line for the throne of Poromiel
FamilySyrena Cordella (older sister)
Tecarus (uncle)
Drake Cordella (cousin)


Catriona is a strikingly beautiful and formidable character. A native of Poromiel, she trained at the prestigious Cliffsbane Academy and is third in line for the Poromiel throne. Known for her elegant figure and flawless features, Catriona also possesses a strong and determined personality, often exhibiting intense emotional responses.

Her skills are noteworthy, especially in runes and mind work, where she demonstrates exceptional proficiency. Catriona was betrothed to Xaden Riorson. Their betrothal, a part of an alliance agreement, became active when Catriona turned twenty. However, the relationship was short-lived as Xaden ended it, citing a lack of compatibility.

In an effort to combat the venin threat, Catriona, along with other fliers, relocates to Aretia for advanced training. This move is strategic, aiming to foster unity and skill-sharing among riders from diverse backgrounds. During this period, Catriona’s interaction with Violet Sorrengail is initially fraught with conflict and competition. However, as the narrative progresses, there is a noticeable shift towards mutual acceptance and understanding, highlighting the evolution of their relationship.

Physical Appearance

Catriona is depicted as stunningly beautiful, with an elegant figure and flawless features. She is described in a way that emphasizes her beauty and physical allure, especially when she is dressed in a long-sleeved purple gown that highlights her elegance. Her appearance is noted to be so captivating that it leaves a profound impact on those around her​​.

Like her sister Syrena, Cat has a straight nose, full mouth, lithe build, and glossy black hair that contrasts her fair skin. Her hair is plaited in a simple braid over her shoulder.


Catriona exhibits a strong and determined personality. For instance, her participation in a combat scenario where she’s called to disarm and take the mat shows her determination and readiness to engage in physical confrontations. Additionally, she expresses intense emotions, including deep hatred and anger, indicating a capacity for strong emotional responses​​.

According to Imogen, Cat is tenacious.


Catriona can heighten the emotions of the people around her, and she’s exceptionally powerful. She is very good with runes, always the first in solving rune-related tasks.


Her gift of mind work is limited by distance.


Violet Sorrengail

Catriona displays an aggressive and combative behaviour towards Violet, indicating a competitive or adversarial relationship. She sees Violet as her rival and accuses her of letting a flier die. She engages in combat on the mat, and Violet almost kills Catriona in her heightened emotions.

Catriona makes it clear that she is not fighting Violet because of love, but because she wants power. After the cave incident when Solas attacks them, Violet and Catriona start to become more amiable. There is still tension between them but their relationship is slowly evolving to that of acceptance.

Xaden Riorson

Catriona was once betrothed to Xaden Riorson. They had a relationship for three quarters of a year, but Xaden ended it. He made it clear that he ended the relationship before he met Violet. Xaden clarified that he was never in love with Catriona in the first place.

Catriona continues to try and win Xaden back, but he gives her no reason to believe this will ever happen. He does everything in his power to show Violet that she is the only one he loves.

Sloane Mairi

Sloane makes it clear that she does not like Catriona. She mentioned that her brother, Liam Mairi, didn’t hate many people, but Catriona was among them.

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