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Drake Cordella

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NameDrake Cordella
RankFlier, Captain
LocationKingdom of Poromiel
FamilySyrena Cordella (cousin)
Catriona Cordella (cousin)
Viscount Tecarus (uncle)

Drake is mentioned as being a cousin of Syrena and Cation. Syrena refers to Drake when talking about family, clarifying that although they share the same last name, they are cousins and not brothers as Mira initially assumed. It is also humorously noted that Drake’s type includes women who might actually be capable of killing him​​, although he would draw the line at dragon riders.

Drake Cordella is a character with a high level of expertise and knowledge particularly about dark wielders as he wrote Venin, A Compendium by Captain Drake Cordella, The Nightwing Drift.

Defeating a dark wielder begins with knowing where they rank in age and experience. Initiates have reddish rings to their eyes that come and go depending on how often they drain. Asims’ eyes fluctuate in degrees of red, and their veins distend when riled. Sages’—those responsible for initiates—eyes are permanently red, their veins perpetually distended toward their temples, expanding with age. Mavens—their generals—have never been captured for examination.

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