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Solas Dragon

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Written by: Cory

Solas, the one eyed orange daggertail in Empyrean Series
Name meaning in GaelicLight, brightness, enlightenment
First appearanceIron Flame
RiderBurton Varrish


Solas is the dragon bonded to Major Burton Varrish. He toys with his future victims, and one time he burnt one first-year cadet, and at least half of the Third Squad. He had no problems killing bonded and unbonded cadets.

Solas is missing one eye, which was taken out by Tairn.

Physical Appearance

Solas is a one-eyed Orange Dragontail. He looks unstable and hungry. His movements are aggressive and calculated, with claws that grip and ungrip in anticipation of attack, and swift, serpentine head movements used in battles and threats.

Notable Feature

Solas is mentioned to smell like stolen magic by Andarna. Violet notices that his breath is fetid.

Character Traits

Cruelty: Solas demonstrates a particularly cruel and vicious nature, engaging in acts that cause harm and fear among others.

Malice: The one-eyed dragon’s actions often convey a sense of malevolence, using his physical prowess to intimidate and dominate. His ear-shattering roars and aggressive posture are not just defensive but also used to assert dominance and instil fear.

Unpredictability: Solas’s actions are marked by a certain unpredictability, making him a dangerous and untrustworthy figure. His capacity for sudden violence and aggression adds to his menacing character.

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11 responses to “Solas Dragon”

  1. New fear unlocked… what if Violet falls for the new Vice Commandant, Solas’ rider… don’t know if I could take that!!

    1. Ugh….please…don’t!!!

      1. It would break my heart! Similar to ACOTAR, but I couldn’t handle another series going in that direction! I love the Xaden/bonded dragon/overall energy and tension too much. Could be a possibility though…? It would be the perfect setup. My gut reaction is Xaden and Violet are a fated pair (also why I think she feels the prickles and not because Xaden is inntinnsic) but the new Vice Commandant could be the distraction before she realizes Xaden is her man.
        Okay November, let’s hurry along now!

  2. Just curious as to what makes you think she might have a thing for Solas’ rider?

    1. I am not sure why the other reader, KT, mentioned that. I too, am very curious.

  3. THANK THE FUCK THIS THEORY WAS WRONG. I honestly couldn’t hv survived it..

    1. Hahaha, True! Wild, Wild!

  4. Wasn’t Solas a Scorpiontail tough? I mean, I only read the German Edition so far, so I don’t know. Anyway, Solas is my favourite dragon in a strange way. He got something that makes his character interesting.

    1. Hi Mia, wait let me go and check.
      I’m back:

      “Solas is there?” His tone sharpens.
      “Is Solas a one-eyed Orange Daggertail?”
      “Yes.” He doesn’t sound happy about it. “Do not take your eyes off

      Baide is the orange scorpiontail.
      Wait wait, I want to know more about why you love Solas!!!

      1. Ah, this is interesting because double-checked too and he’s in fact a daggertail, even in the translation.
        By the way, I’ve no idea why I like him but he’s interesting because we don’t have a lot of background but a lot of events mentioned.
        I would love to hear more details about how Taken took his eye out!

        1. I would like to know more about that story too. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

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