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Exclusive: Read an excerpt from ‘Iron Flame,’ Rebecca Yarros’ ‘Fourth Wing’ sequel

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Written by: Cory

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OMG, I am excited to see this? Just 30 minutes ago, Rebecca Yarros shared on her Instagram that there is an exclusive excerpt from Iron Flame available exclusively on today.com

As you can imagine, I read it, screamed, cried, read it again and I have so many questions it’s unreal.

Alright, this is the link to the excerpt from Iron Flame. Please go and read it and then come back to talk about it?

**** Excerpt and Fourth Wing spoilers below****

Did you read it? Are you also screaming? Crying? Frustrated that you have no idea what the hell is going on? But also smug that you kinda figured out some things too? Yeah, yeah, me too! Ok, let’s talk about it. Omg I cannot waaaaait.

I’m gonna break it into small chunks because I cannot breathe and I’m probably already making a fool of myself with new theories and non-sense.

Iron Flame – Back in Basgiath

This one is clear. Violet and Imogen are back at the Basgiath War College. You remember the initial description of Iron Flame, so it’s obvious Violet goes back. And you most likely remember some of my tin-foil theories for the upcoming sequel.

But it’s nice to have it confirmed. They are clearly at post-parapet in this excerpt. And Violet, Ridoc, Imogen, Quinn and Dain are all there. And yeah, there is a nice surprise: Sloane too!

Sloane – Liam’s sister

Right so we have Sloane here in the book. Of course, we all knew she is going to make it and she will have to start her time at the college. Besides, we all remember that Violet promised LiamMairi that she will look after his sister, Sloane. And my heart is full that she made it and survived the parapet.

Dain makes an appearance

Ugh, I know, Dain…Dain makes an appearance in this excerpt. And while we don’t know what Violet thinks about Dain, she’s made that weird remark about Cath. Erm, strange? Was that sass? Was that just a redundant comment about Cath’s breathe? One think I came to learn is that Yarros rarely makes redundant remarks so…

But did you notice Dain now took Xaden’s place from Fourth Wing? He is running that speech that Xaden did last year? Erm, is Dain a Wing Leader? It kinda feels like it, right? And is Cath doing the whole scary thing that Sgaeyl did after the parapet? Because it sure feels like it. So ladies and gents, I think we’re going to have to agree: Dain got promoted to Wing Leader. Ugh.

Tairn is there – OMG Tairn!

Ok, so we were all anxious about Violet severing her communication with Andarna and Tairn at the end of Fourth Wing. But it’s so nice to know it’s all back. She can clearly communicate with her dragons still. I mean again, we knew this will go back to normal, but it’s so nice to have the confirmation! Because let’s face it, nobody could have dealt with not having sassy, grumpy Tairn’s voice in Violet’s head. We love you, Tairn!

New characters, new dragon

Who the hell is Solas? He seems like tool, right? He seems like the type of dragon that is not pleasant to be around who kills for sports. Clearly, this dragon is toying with people and frying them for fun. “Solas took out the runners, one of our first-years, and at least half of Third Squad.” Errr, that was unnecessary.

I’m going to assume we will NOT like Solas. Tairn seemed pretty stressed about him too. So yeah, new enemy. Of course, the biggest question is: Who is Solas’s rider? Could it be the vice commandant we read about in the Iron Flame description? Clearly it has to be a rider transferred here to the college.

Also, who is Aaric? We have a new character, I assume one of many waiting to be introduced. Perhaps another First Year?

Xaden and Andarna?

I mean it is a teaser so it was fairly obvious Yarros wouldn’t be giving us too much. Just enough to make us all cry that the book is not out yet. There is nothing about Xaden and Andarna. We totally want to know what is going on and let’s face it, we will just have to wait for another month and three weeks. Who’s counting? Are you counting?

We also have nothing about Rhiannon which seemed a little strange, but I’m sure (fingers crossed) she’s there?! With Ridoc and the rest, right? Right…Nothing happened to her during the War Games, right? Right…

Imogen is back…

Alright, another interesting one. Imogen (she was a second year in Fourth Wing) is back at Basgiath with Violet. I have soooo many questions about it. How did they manage to do this? How come that they disappeared during the final War Games and then managed to go back to College? What was the excuse? What is the story there? I’m sure we’re all dying to know this part.

So there it is, Violet is now officially in her second year and Imogen is in her Third Year. And we are more clueless than before and just as freaking anxious for November 7th.

What did you think about it? Did you find a cool clue that could be turned into a new theory for Iron Flame? Let me know!

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19 responses to “Exclusive: Read an excerpt from ‘Iron Flame,’ Rebecca Yarros’ ‘Fourth Wing’ sequel”

  1. Yes! I read the excerpt. I am super excited. I just wanted more. I have already preordered my physical copy , my copy on Audible, and my alarm is set for November 7th

    1. SAME! I have three different copies pre-ordered

  2. Hello! Yes, it definitely seems like Solas is this vice commandment’s dragon. It says he only has one eye which to me implies he’s likely older and battle-worn. Also, the book’s description says that it’s the vice commandment’s “personal mission to teach Violet exactly how powerless she is”. What better way to do that then kill lots of innocent riders?

    1. Ugh! We’re in for a ride, aren’t we?

  3. OMG Cory!! You have me in stiches over here! I can’t wait to freak out… cry… laugh… get angry… giggle like a love struck teenager over the romance … most of all read and re-read and then cry that more of the books are not out yet ALL with you my friend! Buckle up, because we are defiantly in for a bumpy (& emotional) ride. 🤣

    1. I think I am going to cry, DaNi. I’m on a work trip when Iron Flame comes out. I already blocked two full days for it to make sure I get to read it all. I think I will be like one of those Manic lab scientists with a notebook next to me, writing quotes and underlying everything. To say I’m excited…it’s beyond. But at the same, I’m terrified Yarros will make us cry. I half expect to cry in public. (no shame tho)

  4. Good airplane reading! 😊

  5. Maybe Imogen used her signet power & altered violets memories? Idk that’s the only reason that I can think of that would make them go back. And knowing Xaden he probably doesn’t want Violet to be on her own. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Omg I have SO MANY questions after reading that excerpt. Can Nov 7th come any sooner??

    1. Omg i love this theory!!! I really hope they go this route. It would totally be interesting character development if Violet ever found out

  6. Did you see that Rebecca posted a scene with Violet and Xaden from Iron Flame?
    If so, I haven’t spotted your discussion about it.
    Is there an option on the site where you can view the latest comments (not just the latest full posts)?
    …. “But it’s possible to be angry while still madly, wildly, uncontrollably in love with me”….
    Awwwww… <3

    1. I saw that, thank you Jessy! What did you think? I’m like, listen Xaden, Violet has feelings ok? She needs to be mad at you.
      But what really got me there was that they kissed and everything went dark around them.
      Honestly, that’s what intrigued me the most. Why did it get dark? Dark as in, they closed their eyes and are ready for spice? Or they kissed and something freaking terrible is about to happen? AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

      1. Oh, right, I hadn’t thought of it that way, that it can also be something terrible, which is why the world darkens.
        Oh no, now I want to read the whole book more urgently (if that’s even possible)….
        What also caught my attention was why is Xaden mad at her too? What happened? I can’t possibly wait!!!

        1. Yeah, to me he sounded almost cocky right? Like dude, tune it down a bit, you were in the wrong. Unless…he made a point that you can be mad but also madly in love, because that’s his situation right?

      2. I think it’s dark cuz of Xaden’s shadows

  7. I have SOOO many theories, but this is a stretch okay? Lol I also have to reread because I’m forgetting important details.
    Based off of the new iron flame cover, it kind of looks like a compass of some sort in the background. I think that’s what’s in the iron box and could possibly lead to a new location or something. It’s said to deal with the flame section and iron squad, but idk I think there may be more. Fourth wing did not have the points around the circle, but had the circle with the young Andarna. This has a bigger (assuming) Andarna in a sun. Since the venin violet faced on Tarins back had said “you could command the sky to surrender all its power,” makes me think that she will gather the suns light as well. And Andarna said it needs balance. Violet is light (lightning (tairns thunder) & sun) where Xaden is darkness (shadows). Going off of this theory naolin also means god of the sun. He could possibly siphoned the suns power to bring back Brennan. Where the teacher said it would take a god to resurrect. Brennen is alive so is naolin really dead? His signet was siphoning and the venin “channeled” the earth draining everything. Which is basically the same as siphoning the life of it. The same venin says “him,” and she questions if they have a teacher. It could be naolin since he “did too much it killed him,” maybe it was not his body. It could’ve been his humanity that died making him a venin. This could’ve made tarin feel betrayed as his rider was evil and draining, which made tarin not want to bond. Then violet put herself before Andarna which made him think she could better him. Tarin has never talked about naolin :/
    Andarna means second honor but could also mean ghosts or spirits. Violet could go back in time (since Andarnas was to stop time maybe reverse since she’s older) Talk to her dad or liam, maybe save xaden in the future. spirits could also go for Xadens shadows. If they’re alive, I think it would be considered spirits. Which could be why the bond is so strong bc Andarna is really sgaeyls and tairns, and has went back in time before, that’s why sgaeyl said she’s not hers.
    Violets dad probably knew too much information and went nuts after Brendan’s death because the scribes wanted to hide it. I dont know but since he has so much knowledge it could be possible he could teach the venin. I think that’s why Lilith has the dagger, and was so straight forward about “I loved your dad, but he’s dead.” He also gave violet a forbidden book.
    Xadens mom could’ve been vennin and attacked Lilith while pregnant with violet, which leads me to think she had attacked Brennan in the rebellion instead of Xadens father, but his father had taken the fall for it. Lilith made his death “swift” because she had harsh feelings toward his wife (not him; we also no nothing about his mom besides “not going there”)) and he couldn’t watch her be vennin anymore. Brennen also said that he’s never seen anything like that after mending violet. Violet could be part vennin if she was poisoned in the womb. The general is def hiding more or bad news that’s why codagh gave the relics to the marked ones for balance, especially xaden because the general can’t watch him.

    I AM SORRY IT WAS LONG. I just can’t stop the what ifs. Already preordered and wrote all my predictions lol

    1. NEVER apologise for long theories. We’re getting out tin foils out for a reason, Alyssa! And welcome here, so happy to have you. I LOVE your theory. It makes a lot of sense, actually. I mean I also believe Andarna has a significant role to play in this and I do believe it makes perfect sense. Can you imagine that? Vi being the light to balance Xaden’s darkness? I love love love! Argh, super well done for this one. Made my day!

  8. Hi Cory

    I am just starting a reread of Fourth Wing before Iron Flame comes out and this thought came to me. Sorry this keeps coming from my Dain fixation (I really need to get over that 😂 – I do love both Violet and Xaden). I am getting the impression with Violet’s comment about Cath’s teeth etc. that possibly Dain might lose it big time in Iron Flame in some way (mentally or control-wise). I am up to Chapter 7 and have noticed how organised and ordered external parts of his life are – like his room and appearance etc. Though, I am unsure how much a rider has over any type of grooming to their dragon, but I kind of think it is out of character for someone trying to show an organised and authoritative front – now as a wingleader.

    I mean – it could be Violet showing some sass towards him (now knowing he is truly not the friend she had before) or a mere observation or it could be him beginning to show some sort of weakness in that organised front maybe from some sort of internal guilt or struggle from what he did. I just noticed, up to chapter 7, how much he panicked and lost it when he first saw Violet in the quadrant and when she was hurt from her first time on the mats. It is always mentioned how much it would ruin him if anything happens to her and if he did knowingly sent her off into a deadly situation/trap, I am wondering how much it would affect him.

    I just have this feeling that he is not going to really cope as wingleader in the way that he hopes. This might just be me, but I am wondering if anyone else had this impression.

    Counting down the days until the 7th 😍

    1. Can you believe it that we’re so close to the 7th now? I cannot…

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