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Fourth Wing Theory: What I think will happen in Iron Flame

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Written by: Cory

Fourth wing theory: What I think will happen in Iron Flame

I have a new Fourth Wing theory and want to share what, I think, will happen in Iron Flame, the second book of the Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros.

It’s probably a bit crazy, but hey, it’s what makes a theory fun, right? Obviously, it’s a theory, so please remember that there are spoilers ahead.

I’m obviously now assuming you’ve finished the first book Fourth Wing and are desperate (like me) to know what’s going to happen in the sequel…because who the hell can wait until November, am I right?

Last night I finished reading the Fourth Wing (3rd re-read, what…I’m not crazy, you’re crazy!). This last re-read was in the hopes of finding secret clues for the next book. Now, I already told you why I think the second book is called Iron Flame so if you haven’t seen that post, please go check it out.

Ok, drumroll please:

Andarna is obviously big now, and she’s lost her gift, as Xaden told us. But that means this now giant dragon is ready to channel. And I think she is going to channel some sort of time manipulation.

Remember in chapter 19 when Andarna said she can stop time, briefly, both Violet Sorrengail and Xaden Riorson say that nothing like this exists. And yet, here we have baby Andarna pulling cool party tricks on us.

Not sure if you want me to get into the details of why I think the chemistry between Andarna and Violet will result in the Signet of time manipulation, but I can. So just let me know in the comments and I will explain further.

Right, I think we are going to dedicate the first part of the book to learning more details about the (new) world. We’ll learn more about Venin, the corrupt leadership, find out what’s Brennan’s deal, understand more about Nolan etc. And then, I think we will train Violet to hone her skills. We will train her to use her shields against Dain Aetos, train her to master her lightening signet and indeed how to deal with time manipulation.

And when we’re ready, I think we will inevitably go back in time, to the moment they are being sent to that rogue mission.

Why do I think that? Several reasons:

  1. We can’t have Liam Mairi dying. Come on the whole community is rather upset that beautiful, kind Liam was killed. Don’t worry, Liam, we’re coming to save you. At least my theory is. And we all know he’s too important to just disappear. We will bring him back. Well, we’ll go back in time and essentially avoid his death.
  2. Xaden needed to be tested by the leadership: essentially they told him stay and protect the enemy village or show your loyalty. These people can’t just go back to school and be like heya, we’re BACK. He’ll be executed (along with every other marked one). We also can’t have him disapear because well, that also tells the leaders that he stayed to save the village, thus betraying the leadership, in which case all the marked ones are kaput. I mean we know that, right? So, we need to find a way to show he is loyal! What better way than going back in time to before the venin attack. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  3. By going back in time before the venin attack, everyone can warn flyers, and evacuate the village. Yarros made the attack super graphic with all those poor civilians dying. I feel we need to save them all. Tell the flyers how to kill the venin before they even get there, and Xaden & co can simply go on their way to prove their loyalty to the mighty leadership. Poof!
  4. There are some theories that Imogen has been using her abilities on Violet to erase her memories. I disagree. I do think she’s been using her abilities at Montserrat for sure (and I can dive deeper into that theory too if you want) but I think we are going to use Imogen to mess with Colonel Aetos and others. Furthermore, I don’t think we will erase Violet’s memories moving forward, I think it would be too tedious and trivial. At least, I really hope Yarros won’t go that direction because, in my opinion, bleah.

Alright, now that (according to my imagination) we know Violet can time manipulate, I also have a theory on how we’re going to create tension between her and Xaden. Let’s face it, Yarros is freaking brilliant at creating a good love story and Xaden and Violet are no exception.

I like 10000% know that Xaden is Inntinnsic and honestly, I have enough proof from the book to believe this without a shadow of a doubt. If you remember, Violet gets really upset when she realises Dain was reading her memories without permission. She called it a violation. Now, can you imagine when she finds out her boy Xaden has been doing…well, a lot more? (although no doubt that came in handy when, you know, blew up his window ehem).

I think it’s again going to break the cycle of trust between them AGAIN and he will have to pursue her etc etc and of course create some sort of tension, back and forth, yada yada. Don’t worry, I’m sure they will end up together at some point and we will get some explosive spice still.

Right, ok this was my newest and craziest Fourth Wing theory. I’m really curious what you think about it all, so please let me know in the comments below. And hey, if this caffeine fuelled post seems outrageous, keep it nice, please, let’s just have a positive discussion here.

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41 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: What I think will happen in Iron Flame”

  1. Why do you think the chemistry between Violet and the not-so-tiny Andarna will lead to a signet of time manipulation? It makes sense plot-wise (there could have been many other ways to save Liam from falling from Deigh without stopping time and the same holds true for Violet against the murereres wanabe). But the chemistry?

    You’re totally right about the marked ones’ lives being forfeit if something is not done. Xaden could only take those from his own wing, after all, and although it isn’t explicitly mentioned, I take it that no one actually allowed all of them to gather in the same wing. So there are marked ones in various outposts even as our characters fought the venin. And they’re all down if Xaden can’t prove his “loyalty”.

    I do hope we get Liam back! It would be a personal treat for me.

    1. Getting Liam back would mean everything!!!

      I see what you’re asking and honestly, I don’t know. I think we’re talking a lot about how time stopping is unheard of. And since this was Andarna’s gift, of course it will fade. But I think maybe this was also a trial for Violet to see if she would abuse such power. And given that she’s smart, cunning and wants to use her powers for good, maybe her chemistry will result in time manipulation so she can “go back” and save all of those people. But yeah, you are right, the author clearly explains that Mira is protective, that’s why she can extend wards, Xaden is master of secrets, that’s why is signet is shadows. So why would Violet be able to time manipulate? IDK. Just a silly hunch I’ve got 🙂

      But I do feel there is no other way around this mess. How else can we ensure Xaden lands on his feet? He was gone for far too many days to basically not clearly tell the leadership his loyalties are not with Navarre. And I just can’t imagine that we’ll have him live in secret with the rest now and kill every other marked one. Also, Liam’s death doesn’t sit well with me. I get it that we needed a GOT moment in the book but I just feel he’s too important? And the innocent civilians? I don’t know.

      I’m sure we’ll know soon enough (bring on Nov 7th already!!), I just don’t see how else we can undo the damage of Xaden’s choosing to defend the people of the “enemy”.

    2. Personally, I don’t feel Andarna “lost” her gift at all, but gave it to Vi permanently. After she stopped it the first time there was a discussion about how they couldn’t tell anyone about feathertails because once leadership learned that they could take feathertail gifts for themselves rather than depend on their own signet, they would be hunted. Andarna even says several times that she “gave” her gift to Vi. I think we will find that Vi now can wield lighting and stop time in small increments all on her own, but with Andarna growing up, Vi will also get a new signet power and all her other “minor magic” will be increased due to Andarna’s adult power.

  2. BTW, you’ve been reported as an unsafe site to Microsoft. Due to the t-shirts, perhaps?

    1. Oh? 🙁 I will check right away to see what I can do. Thank you for letting me know 🙁

  3. Actually, I disagree that Liam was that important. He was emotionally important, yes, like the bridge between Violet and the marked ones and one of the people who mattered a lot to Xaden, personally. But beyond this? Sure, he did save Violet in the battle but not as her shadow which he was ordered to be. And in a battle – I suspect he’d do the same for everyone else. Come on, Rebecca, do us all a favour and make something out of him! IOW, he didn’t do much and he has to. And for this, he must come back… right?

    1. haha! I love it how everyone who loves Fourth Wing is low-key asking Yarros to kindly bring us back sweet Liam. If golden labs were characters… <3

  4. I don’t agree that Andarna will “channel” time manipulation to Violet. The signet power comes from within the Rider, not the Dragon. The dragons just channel the power the Rider needs to manifest a power. Tairn didn’t give Violet any specific power, so why would Andarna? Lightning came from Violet herself.

    If Violet gets some time reversing ability, it would be different than Andarna’s, who can only stop time, not reverse it. At the end, it says that Andarna’s time stopping power is gone and that she became huge. She either matured to adult within a day and lost her juvenile ability to time-stop, or something else happened where she passed something on to Violet when she was dying from the poison.

    I can’t wait to read how she plays this out, though. I do agree that something gifted/miraculous has to happen so that leadership doesn’t know they stayed to save the village. The preview for Iron Flame shows at least Violet going back to school, and the deal is that it’s all 107 or none, and if Zaden is found treasonous, the entire deal is off. Perhaps Imogen’s memory erasing ability is actually memory altering.

    Finally, I don’t think Liam needs to be brought back. There is death throughout the entire book, and it’s to be expected. I think it would be unrealistic to only kill off unknown characters like Soleil. It’s the saddest part of the book, to be sure, and it was devastating for me like everyone else and I wish him back, but it’s realistic and I think good storytelling.

    1. I see what you mean. But it is a specific chemistry that indeed says more about the rider. It’s just a wild guess, of course. There is no way of knowing if there will be time manipulation. I guess it’s what I’m hoping for?
      I personally think that Andarna had to somehow slow down time to stop Violet from dying rapidly. Again, a theory of mine. And since nature likes all things in balance, chances are, Andarna slowed down time for Violet but grew up very fast in the process. You get some, you lose some. Balance.
      But since there is so much emphasis on time, I do have to believe that there is something with…time. To go back. Stop it. Manipulate it.

      I also wonder if Imogen will play a role in all of it. I mean how powerful is she tho? And if they do go back to school, will the rest follow? So many questions. (so much time before we can have all the answers!!! come November!)
      Stacie, please don’t break my heart. Let a girl hope that Liam is coming back, please. I know it’s super unlikely. Also because his “gift” was not as crucial for the war, I do doubt he’s essential in the book. But I just CANNOT DEAL.

      Thanks for engaging with my tinfoil theories tho. Always great to talk to someone else about them.

    2. This is amazing! I wonder, if they go back in time, will Violet be able to keep their memories? If so, will the people at Bagsiath forget what happened before? Just a thought but I am interested in how that would work. I am obsessed with Fourth Wing and I am literally dying here waiting for Iron Flame!

  5. Please tell me more about Imogen using her abilities at Montserrat! I just finished the book like half an hour ago and have spent the last 30min reading almost everything on your website haha. I know now that I didn’t catch on every hint when I read the book, you have so many theories and discoveries that makes so much sense and is makinge the book even better (didn’t know that was possible), and now you left me wanting MORE. It’s like you said, who can wait until November?!

  6. I don’t think Andarna and Violet’s signet will be time manipulation Although it would be nice it doesn’t make sense as it comes from the rider, not the dragon. I think Andarna grew up because she stopped time and nature likes all things in balance.
    I think that when they go back Imogen’s signet will be put to use as there’s only been a few mentions of it and it is a powerful one, I think she will erase or toy with some people’s memory to make them think that they went to the challange place but maybe they got attacked by some Gryphoon fliers and some died therefore explaining any absences.
    I think that Violet’s signet from Andarna will be sheilding as when Tairn channeled to her she wanted to be as powerful as the others and although she was called fragile all her life I think she wanted to prove she wasn’t on some subconcious level. I think it will be sheilding as although she let them both in 2 of the most important men in her life both betrayed her so she will want to protect herself from that again. I think this will be useful later on as I agree that Xaden is an intinsic on some level or another and this will protect her from him. I think that because Andarna is shown to have special gifts such as time stopping and is a special colour and was not born in the veil she will be much more powerful and therefore allow violet to access much more power.
    What I am concerned about is what will happen when she will inevitably returns to Basgaieth to watch over Soloane as Xaden is no longer there and Tairn may want to stay with Sagael and as Andarna is now larger it may be possible for Violet to return to Andarana and leave Tairn which may be why Andarna is centre of most of the book covers as she will now be the main dragon, however i am unsure of how faculty will react to see a feathertail growing a spiked tail and becoming a fully grown dragon in 3 days and if this will make them want to attack the veil to access the feathertails for research.
    I think that unless Imogen wipes the faculties memories Violet could be caputured and questioned by Dain as earlier Professor Carr said they are too powerful to have as enemies and if Violet is alive so is Xaden and as they didn’t participate in the war games Violet will now have been clued in. this might mean they try and kill her as they know it will also result in Xadens death and as Xaden is nolonger returning to school i think she will face this alone with help of some of the marked ones.
    I think Iron Flame will end with Xaden either captured or helping her escape from the leadership. I also think that Professor Carr may be more involved in the following books as he seemed to know that Brennan is alive when he was talking to her he also asked her about her loyalty and warned her what would happen if she betrayed them. now there are 2 ways this could go 1. he is helping Xaden and co with the revolution or 2. he is the venin, in which case I’m thinking he could be the teacher/sage mentioned in the battle that teleported away.

    these are just a spew of my thoughts and theories, Let me know what you think.

    1. I’m loving all these theories so much! Oh, I’m getting so excited just by reading all the ideas. Gosh this is going to be such a great book, I can’t even wait for it! Ok, so I agree with a few points.
      I do think that maybe shielding is in the books. That would be a great power considering that she needs it especially when it comes to others trying to kill her. And also get into her head.
      And it’s interesting because if you read the description for the next book? That could make a lot of sense.

      “Now the real training begins, and Violet’s already wondering how she’ll get through. It’s not just that it’s grueling and maliciously brutal, or even that it’s designed to stretch the riders’ capacity for pain beyond endurance. It’s the new vice commandant, who’s made it his personal mission to teach Violet exactly how powerless she is–unless she betrays the man she loves.

      Although Violet’s body might be weaker and frailer than everyone else’s, she still has her wits—and a will of iron”

      I wonder if that “will of iron” does have something to do with her iron shields from Andarna.

      I also think the reason why Andarna grew up all of a sudden is because she maybe slowed down time during their flight to Aretia? So Violet is not taken by the poison too fast?
      It’s a pity that Xaden won’t be there for most part of the book. At least that’s what I’m sensing. I do pray she won’t make it that Xaden gets captured because I will go all Sgaeyl on the world. We don’t want that sort of agony. My soul is already aching.
      I do think Carr knows about Brennan and I do think he is a goodie.

    2. * Great catch on Professor Carr. Makes sense 🧐

      * I wonder what the storyline will be on Sloane. She will likely be strong and will unexpectedly back up Vi during the next years.brutality. Hopefully something more interesting… Liam deserves the legacy (cuz I don’t think Liam will be brought back, even though he is GREAT!)

      * I am trying to figure out the school’s reaction to Andarna being grown. They apparently don’t know that she was a baby dragon, and the Empyrean must have wanted them not to know. Maybe they won’t show Andarna in her current state…. Til the end of the Bookman a grand finale?

  7. Yeah… I am on the “probably not turning back time, but can I get Liam back anyways?” train.
    I really hope they would find a way for it.
    Not sure they will decide to save all of them and rewind though, because the third years are about to be finished at school in any case… So they wouldn’t be there regardless, so there isn’t a big push for their presence, they can be “on the run” characters, but Violet is there because she is spying for the revolution, and she is her mother’s daughter, so they tend to believe her easily (like at the party). They would probably put together some kind of excuse like that she was left at the outpost or something… She could be going back to keep an eye on what leadership is doing, what they know, and what they are hiding, using her connection with Xaden to pass the info to them. Also, her brother… He knows so much, since he was there when the revolt started, he will likely be the witness of character for Xaden, and help her forgive him. I really hope they won’t make a big thing out of him reading her thoughts without permission, because it would create too much of a struggle between them and it would not make any sense for them to come back together after, which is something I wish for. If that was the case, he wood have betrayed her too many times on things that are too important, going behind her back and not telling her the truth. He was so mad when Dain read her (I know, for the risk etc) but it would be just daft if him to do exactly the same.
    It is true that all of the kids, including the 6yo one, are risking their life if Xaden is found a traitor. I guess they can choose to go down the route of “I am not a hero, I would burn down the world to save you” but it would be out of character for him… So yes, there must be something for them to save the other marked kids.
    On the Imogen front, she could totally be the key to solve this, by erasing the initial request of choosing between saving the town VS going to other outpost. If she is more powerful than what it’s presented as, she could also be able to add a reason as to why some of them are not there. There’s also that reference about “learning to understand how far they are from their mind link” that was never truly developed, so that might play into Xaden and Vi being separated.
    Another thing, everyone knows their dragons are mates, and that they cannot be apart for long. This said, if they really have Xaden be away hidden, it is likely they should fake his death, to explain why the dragons are still together even if the rider is not there/cannot be there otherwise they will capture him. If Xaden is “dead”, Lilith could fight to avoid the killing of the other kids that were not involved in the betrayal, as she already was saying she did not agree in having them watch their parents execution (one of the chapters introductions states this). “He is dead, this is punishment enough, they were not involved” something like this.
    Also yes, Lilith could be “not bad” too, and also be undercover. Another reason why she pushed her daughter into participating in something that was very likely to kill her, abs being so cold to her, as to not have her discover anything about what was actually happening…
    I love theories, I could go on for days!!!

    1. Please go on for days, I’m loving what I’m reading!!!

  8. Here is what I think might be Violet’s signet she manifests from her bond with Andarna:

    Why? Here are my reasons:

    Chapter 8, Professor Kaori mentioned Naolin attempted to resurrect Brennan in the book via using his siphoning signet power… depleting himself, burning out, & died.

    In Chapter 17, After Violet says, “What, dragons don’t think we need gods on our side” Tairn responds, “Dragons pay no head to your puny gods.”

    “Nature likes all things in balance” – Andarna

    Chapter 29, Violet says “All this time, I had this tiny, driving hope that I would be like Brennan, and that would be the twist in my little fable. That my signet would be mending, and I could put all the broken things back together.”

    “They have created abominations” – Tairn

    “So much suffering” – Andarna

    Violet is very upset when Liam died.

    These are my making reasons why I think resurrection will be her signet.

    1. Well that would be a cool signet for sure. Are you thinking about resurrection to counterbalance the abominations (venin)?

      1. This theory is interesting because it could be that the counterbalance (nature’s balance) is that her signet power with Tairn is to kill (Violet was so devastated that her signet wasn’t healing or mending), and her signet power with Andarna is to resurrect?

        1. I mean, that’s what I would love.

          1. just a thought on Andarna and Xaden and Violet–I think it’s possible that X will die for Violet. Multiple times he says, “you’re going to be the death of me, wanting you will be the death of me.”

            What if he dies for Violet and then Andarna brings him back?

            Also, my Dain theory is that he is “Mr. Darcy.” He comes across as an ass, but he actually is one of the true-at-heart characters. I think he will have a redemption arch and Violet will see that he, is in fact, loyal to her in the end. He may even sacrifice himself for Violet or Xaden–just because he is loyal to Violet and loves her. And, we are all focused on the “rule-lover” that Dain is, yet he has tried many times to “bend/break the rules” to get Violet into the scribe quad. Of course, Violet would have to actually be the one breaking the rules and suffer the consequences, but Dain does the legwork for Violet to have a choice. I really dislike Dain, but here I am, defending him. We also make a lot of assumptions about Dain, like he has been reading her mind every time he touches her face–a specious argument.

          2. I mean Yarros always said that Dain is not…bad, so chances are, he might be a good character after all. I also think a lot about the fact that he always says “you’ll be the death of me”.

  9. I think the following:

    * It will be the combination of Andarna’s and Tairn’s channeling that will enable control over lightning, and thus her “astonishing power” of the sky to ultimately take down the venin.
    * There is something special about Andarna that Sgaeyl and Tairn already knew that made them accept that Andarna as a feathertail can participate and bond as a baby. Perhaps she is the daughter of the original dragon (of the 3 brothers) from the fairy tales.
    * There will be a new venin created from someone we know – either Dain or possibly Jack. Why Jack? Melgren has some fiendish connection to the venin… maybe even the original 3rd brother from the fairy tales. He could have retrieved Jack. But more interesting that Dain will be turned by the end of Book 2 to become a major conflict in Book 3 since Vi will want to somehow save him à la Luke and Anakin.
    * If Melgren is indeed a/the leader from the big baddies, Violet’s mom knows, and that’s why she has been forced to play along, including risking her kids and probably unable to save her husband. Although… possibly the big bad is Colonel Aetos and Melgren ends up being a hidden and misunderstood good guy like Severus Snape.
    * I like the theory of Xaden being an intinnsic. There needs to be character growth and conflict in Book 2. That said, I hate when stories depend on a “not telling” plot hole like (once again) not telling Vi. Pat, weak and boring.

    1. “There is something special about Andarna that Sgaeyl and Tairn already knew that made them accept that Andarna as a feathertail can participate and bond as a baby. Perhaps she is the daughter of the original dragon (of the 3 brothers) from the fairy tales.”

      Ok, I love the idea of her being the daughter of a dragon related to the original bonded brother!

      “There will be a new venin created from someone we know – either Dain or possibly Jack. Why Jack?”

      Wait, isn’t Jack dead?

      “Melgren ends up being a hidden and misunderstood good guy like Severus Snape.”

      I really don’t think so. I reckon he’s a baddy thru and thru haha. I love your comments! Wild!

  10. Another theory: the original 3 siblings of the fairy tale are alive today… either by reincarnation as a magical power, or just because that’s who they are. If so, perhaps Andarna is the original dragon sibling, reborn – which fits with the time manipulation. That leaves the other 2 siblings, who may be Melgren and Colonel Aetos.

  11. Looked here! The blurb for Iron Flame has been released! Read on…

    The first year is when some of us lose our lives. The second year is when the rest of us lose our humanity.” —Xaden Riorson

    Everyone expected Violet Sorrengail to die during her first year at Basgiath War College—Violet included. But Threshing was only the first impossible test meant to weed out the weak-willed, the unworthy, and the unlucky.

    Now the real training begins, and Violet’s already wondering how she’ll get through. It’s not just that it’s grueling and maliciously brutal, or even that it’s designed to stretch the riders’ capacity for pain beyond endurance. It’s the new vice commandant, who’s made it his personal mission to teach Violet exactly how powerless she is–unless she betrays the man she loves.

    Although Violet’s body might be weaker and frailer than everyone else’s, she still has her wits—and a will of iron. And leadership is forgetting the most important lesson Basgiath has taught her: Dragon riders make their own rules.

    But a determination to survive won’t be enough this year.

    Because Violet knows the real secret hidden for centuries at Basgiath War College—and nothing, not even dragon fire, may be enough to save them in the end.

    1. Are you excited about it? I’m counting the days!!!

  12. Cory, I am wondering what your thoughts are on the fact that Andarna’s name means “Second Honor” and the possibility of Violets signet power she gains is that of Resurrection? Second Honor = Second Chance (or Second Life?) …. Chapter 8 page 97 gives us a little hint when Prof. Kaori say to Violet “A little bit of both. And sometimes its hard for a rider with a signet that powerful to accept his limits. After all, bonding makes you a rider, but resurrecting someone from the dead? Now, that makes you a God.”

    I think Andarna’s name is the key to that hint… and Violet is going to have the power to resurrect Liam.

    FYI- LOVE your tin foil hat ideas! KEEP THEM COMING! It makes the wait for the book that much easier, because I keep re-reading the book to find little clues. On my 7th time re-reading the book LOL. #Iamnotcrazyyourcrazy 🤣🤣🤣

    1. DaNi, can we please please be friends and zoom with our tin foils discussing new theories? Because I’m on my 6th read, and I am still discovering crazy thing haha.
      And OMG, I am MAD with your theory. Woaaaah, ok, so you might have seen around on this site that one of my theories is being able to go back in time right? BUT, I kinda love the ressuction idea more. Hmmm but nature does like all things in balance. So what would Vi need to give to be able to actually resurrect someone?

      My question about her name was always: is it because she is the secondary dragon? Could it be that simple? She has the second honour? Or is it indeed something explosive? Like your theory? Which btw just blew my mind.

      1. LOL We can totally be friends! I need someone in my life who is as obsessed with this series as I am, because the looks I keep getting when someone asks “What are you reading now?” and I retort with “Fourth Wing” …the sigh of “Again?!” makes me laugh. SO. HARD. A zoom would be crazy fun to do!!! I am so down!

        Nature does like all things in balance… so if you get a life (like her saving Liam from Jack) you have to forfeit a life (like Vi killing Jack and condemning his soul to Malek in Liam’s place) 🤔😜 Something of that nature? What are your thoughts?

        Also, did you read the Expert for Iron Flame that was released today?!? Mind…BLOWN! Gods its needs to be November already!

        1. Did I read the excerpt? Like 5 times. I wrote about it wait HERE
          Because I have so many thoughts about it. The first thing that made me very happy is that Tairn and Vi can communicate still. I know it was a given but it just made me happy. I hate that Dain is a Wing Leader altho it was clear from Fourth Wing that we’re moving towards that.
          I was surprised to not see Rhi. Interesting that Vi and Imogen are back in school, I have so many questions about it. And of course who the HELL is Solas? The name really confuses me. Solas sounds like a d*ck of a dragon. But his name means light. So…is he just trigger happy or is he a bad one? Agh sooo many questions, so many questions.

          DaNi I sooo get it. Everyone is bored with me talking about Fourth Wing all the bloody time. I need Fourth Wing friendship because honestly, I have theories and nobody to discuss them with.

          P.S. We need to resurrect Liam right? Like, please…please. I would love it if everyone would believe Liam dead, including Sloane and we will get a Sloan/Liam moment the same way as we got a Vi/Brennan moment 😛 wishful thinking here.

          1. Do you have my email Cory? Because I need a Fourth Wing friendship too!!! LOL 🤓🤣

          2. If it’s the one you fill in when you leave a comment, I can access to it via the database. I just need your permission to do so, and then I can email you with mine. And then we can go crazy together. 😛 You have no idea how many times I giggled at Xaden/Violet interactions. And how many times I rolled my eyes at Dain.

          3. Yes, Cory, I totally give you permission to email me! Let us nerd out together!!! *squeals with absolute excitement* 😁

          4. Email coming your way tomorrow!

  13. I don’t think Xanden is an intinnsic. Every time he is around she feels prickles or her hair raises. I think she can sense his shadows watching her and reading and listening to her. She never gets that with Dian. Also, he is more experienced in wielding. He showed her imagines, can talk mind to mind first, can also sense how she is feeling and how far away she is. When she asks how he says get better at wielding and you can do it too. I think it’s their connection of always being in each others minds like her dragons are with her. I think at the end she starts to be able to sense his pain his feelings especially when she is more emotionally attached.

  14. I was just reading through all of these about how Liam is an important character (which he is) and I thought about the fight with the venin. If Naolin is really turned venin, what if after the group leaves to stop Violet from dying, the venin take Liam and resurrect him to become one of them? Very far fetched, though. Any thoughts?

    1. Oh…I mean it’s not that far fetched you know. It would be a very interesting turn of events. That would really play with my emotions tho. Because Liam would be back, just not the way we imagined..

  15. I love reading everyone’s theories! I just finished my first read and I’m going to be starting my reread immediately. I love love love love love these characters and this world. I can’t live with out Vi/Xaden so they’d better not stay parted for long!!

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