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Colonel Aetos

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NameMr Aetos
RankRider, Colonel
FamilyDain Aetos (son)
RelationshipsLilith Sorrengail (work colleagues)


Colonel Aetos appears as a nice man who always greets Violet with joy. Violet is used to Colonel Aetos as he is Dain Aetos’s dad. Colonel Aetos is Lilith Sorrengail’s aid, hence always stationed together.

In Fourth Wing, Colonel Aetos inquires about a book Violet’s dad was studying in relation to the second Krovlan uprising and feathertails. Violet denies any knowledge of it.

At the end of Fourth Wing, it becomes evident that Colonel Aetos has sent Violet, Xaden and several others to die fighting venin, by using the fake pretext of the War Games.

In Iron Flame, Colonel Aetos becomes Violet’s enemy as he threatens her life in front of Xaden, then sends newly turned venin to kill her. Colonel Aetos is successful in eliminating many of the cadets who fought bravely at Resson.

Colonel Aetos is very good friends with Major Burton Varrish.

Physical Appearance

His brown eyes are just as warm as his son’s. Colonel Aetos has thick brows.

Iron Flame Quote

“You know, I was worried about our earlier conversation until I
remembered something.”
“And what is that?” Xaden asks, clearly losing patience.
“Secrets make for poor leverage. They die with the people who keep


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