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Burton Varrish

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Major Varrish in Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameBurton Varrish
Vice commandant
SignetSees weaknesses
RelationshipsColonel Aetos (good friend)
Violet (enemy)
Xaden (enemy)


Major Varrish is a character who evokes a sense of intimidation and authority. His background and the reactions of those around him paint a picture of a ruthless military officer with a dark reputation.

Major Varrish was reassigned from an active wing following three consecutive deaths of prisoners during his interrogations. This decision was made by Lieutenant Colonel Degrensi at the Samara Outpost and conveyed to General Melgren.

He was introduced by Colonel Aetos as the new vice commandant at Basgiath War College. His role is described as “tightening the ship,” implying a mandate to enforce stricter discipline and oversight.

Character Traits

Reputation for Severity: His reassignment due to the fatal outcomes of his interrogations suggests a harsh, possibly ruthless approach to his duties.

Authoritative Position: As vice commandant, Varrish holds a significant position of power, answering only to Panchek, indicating a high level of trust and expectation from higher command.

Cruel: He forces Violet to cast lightening almost to the point of burnout. He threatens her on multiple occasions, and he tortures her for information for several days.

Physical Description

Major Varrish is noted to have thick black hair. His black hair is perfectly combed, his boots perfectly shined, his smile perfectly cruel.

Reputation Among Peers

Known for Torture: Varrish is rumoured among the third-years to be known for torture, which aligns with the incidents leading to his reassignment. This reputation further cements his image as a feared and possibly controversial figure within the military structure.

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