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Lieutenant Colonel Degrensi

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RankLieutenant Colonel
SubordinatesXaden Riorson
Garrick Tavis
Appears inIron Flame

About Lieutenant Colonel Degrensi

Lieutenant Colonel Degrensi is a character known for establishing strict rules: “leave and pride”. The idea is simple yet demanding: if you desire something, you must be prepared to fight for it and, more importantly, be skilled enough to retain it. This principle is applied practically in the context of fighting for passes, which, despite seeming brutal to some, is actually less extreme than it appears.

Degrensi’s rules exclude the use of blades and signets, reducing the encounters to mere fistfights. This approach might appear harsh, but it is considered by some as a necessary measure to maintain order and discipline, especially when compared to the more chaotic and violent environments found at some coastal outposts​​.

In Chapter Twelve, Xaden fights Jarrett to get a pass to be with Violet.

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