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TypeMilitary Outpost
LocationEast Navarre, at the borders of Krovla and Braevick

Samara is the easternmost outpost of the Southern Wing, where the borders of Krovla and Braevick provinces intersect, and a day’s flight away from Basgiath War College. Samara is a mammoth fortress with dark-red stone. It is laid out similar to Athebyne and Montserrat but twice as big. there are wide stone hallways with barrack doors.

Samara is where Xaden Riorson and Garrick Tavis are being stationed during Iron Flame. His room is on the third floor, south wing, second door on the right. On the third floor, one side of the hallway is lined with windows that open to the bailey, and the other with equidistant wooden doors. Xaden’s room is austere, with serviceable furniture and decorated with heavy black curtains and the plush, darkgray blanket covering a very large bed.

Major Varrish used to also be stationed at Samara Outpost based on the missive from Lieutenent Colonel Degrensi addressed to General Melgren, which reads:

After three consecutive deaths of prisoners during his interrogations, it is this command’s opinion that Major
Burton Varrish should be reassigned from an active wing until further notice.

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