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FunctionMilitary Outpost
LocationSouth East of Navarre, border with Poromiel
ProximityTyrrendor Province, Resson
SignificanceKey Supply and Battle Location
CommanderMajor Kallista Neema, Executive Officer of the Southern Wing

Athebyne is a military outpost strategically positioned on the border between Navarre and Poromiel. It is one of the most strategic garrisons. Just beyond the border, a small village thrives, home to roughly 300 Poromiel civilians.

Athebyne is designed just like Montserrat, a simple square fortress with four towers and walls barely thick enough to launch a dragon.

In the narrative of the Fourth Wing book, Athebyne holds significant importance. It serves as the base from where Xaden Riorson and his team of marked ones distribute specialized weapons, to the military forces of Poromiel, known as flyers, bolstering their defense against the venin and wyvern.

Furthermore, the nearby Resson becomes a crucial battleground against four potent venin and their flying wyvern “The Battle of Resson”. Resson experiences a series of casualties, with the most notable loss being Liam Mairi. In a dramatic turn of events, Violet Sorrengail is stabbed with a poison-coated dagger. This near-death experience necessitates her urgent transport to Aretia, where her brother Brennan employs his healing abilities to save her life.

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  1. Flyers are what Gryphon riders are called, your sentence imples that the ward rune weapons are called Flyers.

    1. Thank you so much! Corrected this!

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