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Imbuing is a process where riders transfer their power into objects, which is more than just a magical technique – it’s a deep skill that few can master.

In the series, imbuing is often used for strengthening defences. Riders pour their power into things like alloys and medallions, which are then used to power up protective wards. These imbued items are critical for safety and need to be regularly recharged, showing how important and challenging imbuing is.

Different materials can be imbued, including the wardstone and simpler things like daggers.

What’s fascinating is that only a few signets, find imbuing natural. For Sloane, the siphon, it’s an automatic ability.

The process is not without risk. Imbuing large objects like wardstones can have serious consequences, like burnout. Riders need time to be able to slowly imbue items.

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